Meet Intern Zoe

Thursday, August 4th


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It's just didn't judge shall. Arnold and we haven't named stern and the Japanese and show in Janice in charge of the answer I love I love working with college kids and helping them figure Al if they wanted to radio for a living or not it's one of my favorite things that we did and as. I trust you and the people that you put around us are gonna be qualified. And talented and excited. Which is why we shot. When I'm met our current interned Zoe who I was convinced. Was a mute. He kissed and not she did not speak at all and then I funny no editing tab to TO and they've and he. But he says that and then I find out that. She is Chinese. And not like her family's Chinese. Two years ago she was in China and then decided to come here and go to college and miss older somewhere. The Missouri Missouri university Azeri. And of found our ads for entrants online and actually moved to Atlanta for the summer to do this interject and she's going back to Missouri. Hi Zoe aria. Omare Lowe good thank you. I have so many questions for you and I don't feel like we've talked. All right you're from time yes where what city. Coupons in among. I I don't know why I asked that because if you can say Beijing I would not knowing. How far from Beijing is back. Energized with thing that again. Is the name. Who have I wanna say who. Who who. Hoo ha ha ha trying to not tell you okay okay okay I. Just an embrace cool and hot. Who how hot yet. Who the hot five hours. Janet five dollars from Beijing due south. Yeah. So how did you end up going from who hot hot in China. To Missouri for school. Is. It's. Lights. Beijing you right. It's about one now I don't mean how you got there I mean why did you decide on Missouri among all the places in the world and why Missouri. Us there is so column creation programs with highs and in congress avenues are listened to race. So I just AdSense scholarships. And the sponsorships. At night in congress. That cynical men's what are you studying at university misery what's your major images communication. And I was on Jeff that your dad owns radio stations in China right. Is there isn't it and I may data yet but he's Mexican radio yet yet okay what is your dad do you. He sieve through eyes senate action of use and. Aid. In the Indian innocent fun. Is an alliance of it's. National news OK so I'm fascinated by the sea now I have more questions so in China at the way the government works is they really controlled media right. Yes that's so your dad not only has to pick the news headlines and what news is gonna go out he tries to get it cleared by somebody Nina has to get it approved by some of frank you know part of their radio stations in China that do you shows like they showed that Jenna and I do. They also have I done. And it's still means a hot contemporary. Film artist and who also had a nice chances tens of petitioners radio station. So I'll bouts. Same mast track shakes good parts and said that continues and one. Ten common being in something. How did you go from the University of Missouri. What brought you to Atlanta did you come here just for the opportunity to work and the channel. That is mind. Wow I feel a tremendous amount of pressure. I have to put a whole summer and you don't look weeks so you go back frighten you go back to school them. Actually is mad lasting for my master program that's. Honestly it too late flag as two weeks and she's graduated and then. Attack and then are you going back to who hot hot. Yeah have sent Liz Frist and apple hot. And what do you hope to do now that you have your degree what do you wanna do and who hot. I say can and I am I read you look there is some dense and India have my own show and that has sent the events and email out to you pharma Bowden I. Progress. Are you mean what with the name of your show me. Amazing Zoe show her breast and how would you say that and yelling at its policies though he still. All right so here's so we would like to do we view this very news. I a couple of Chinese food restaurants that I go to you frequently. OK one of Tom I want gain. I am the only white guy in the place it's all. Chinese people in there eating the employees are Chinese that are speaking to each other in Chinese and then there's another Chinese food restaurant it's more fast food restaurant. And I've often wondered. Are these restaurants authentic. Would you even consider them good being someone who grew up obviously eating Chinese feared and is the fancy place even close to what you eat back home so if we bring you dishes from these restaurants. Would you be willing to taste them and rate them forests. Each other if you had Chinese food in the United States. Yeah our pilots is even close. I sell any fuel wait until it's ten is restaurant and you as only a white guy in that place pro babbling is that's Leo chances again but they fuel into just. Thanks. Gaza Tyler is. This sick way. It's think. Americans it's okay good. Well we've got we've got fruit from both of those restaurant and Janine is heating it up. Not so she's gonna bring it man and then we will have you doing taste test of Chinese food forests. I love it I hope you're hungry that's happened yeah. Breakfast of champions part fried rice. Welcome back in three minutes and then we'll have Zoe taste test authentic vs fast Chinese food. And give us their assessment of what's more real and COLT thank you. She didn't change up. Donald Copeland.