Meet Brian, the Defender of Clowns.

Friday, October 14th


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Itself. Star in 941. Then we agendas told a few quick stories about clowns earlier today creepy clown like how creepy clown. Costumes are through the roof yeah Halloween this year and they said following express dot com is being sold out its. Eerie and creepy clown masks even Stephen King had to comment on all the creepy clown stories freaking people out around the country saying hey chill out like. Make the kids laugh let's not go crazy if the White House has had to comment on it saying you see creepy clown behavior called the police. Mean. It's legit we retired I was like don't dress up as a clown for how many people are going to you and somebody's gonna get hurt. Now like ten minutes later in a phone call from a game Bryant. Who. Is mad. That bad publicity. And the clouds are eating here there's earlier. Sit through his entire call it passion somewhat admirable. I don't sign Dario we had. Just attacking. Crowns so much lately and you know it it just didn't a small group of negative people. Who all are making crowns. So bad why can't our great. I mean. It well. Like all of these creepy clowns showing up and scaring people and all these. Threats that clowns and making on social media and stuff of course scanner reap freaked out about clowns in general. Let's see that's not that's the crowds and I assure you people OK I just. People that need to be on medication. Or locked away. Crowned or eight choice your choice is saying they bring so much leisure in happy that. All sorts of people I mean they go to hospital. With sick children at a circuit you know like oh there. They bring so much joy to the world. They're just. You can double wide end and leisure I don't understand. Why we have to let. You seem a little bad apples ruined. Something that has been around for. Century. I I have a couple questions for you outburst is. Are you completely serious. Under OK second. What is your connection to that column community because your leisure very passionate. They're good people. They're not all bad people. So Brian are you. Now I am not. I'd wager I wish I wish I had I wish I had the talent to beat. But I mean I hear I can't perform it. Bart you have friends who are crimes. And under and you are upset because their reputation as being tarnished. Because of these negative clowns. Then Saturday or bad things in Europe sat without because we're just reporting on it in the news. Or. Out why don't you ever report on the go well. Earlier we shouldn't go to site. Today it and there's so much more good background in the day and they didn't they didn't say look these creepy Laden's. And there's even change it at all. Yeah gag even though it does sound I hear when I think about clowns is creepy music verses. Having music. So you would like as the focus on night. Little. Flowers that squirt water in. By core earnings in mines may be. Can I wouldn't even when they all get out of my bookmarks in a while to implement it. I love it. So you on interest of both defend that. You want us to be more. Again what about more balance our coverage of clients. Is there a resource. Of light. Could Kyle and news or just clown news in general be kids. Is our way is our place is edited net him a message board or. I mean yeah I mean wouldn't do. The age group that I let art out. Can you share with us if you come across any really good. Clown stories we'll share them with the or win. Or that I. I can't do well I absolutely well. My brother as a friend who actually went to climbing school. There's climbing school we learned to be open. Eight it's an expertise. In eking. If it makes you feel better I was often considered. Class clown. Oh. Happy happy story we're. You take this very seriously. It. All right well thank you I'm television and we are. All right thank you Brian for the call. No problem we ought to be it YouTube on. Game. That I. I. Was at woods yet as he ultimately figure if. It's. I use raid and the slate of who is a cap weighing formed lakes screams about it and whenever let me name another radio shows that night. My I was waiting for that to happen. I think you're a 100% legit I really think he's gone you know how the heat in one saint rule. He's obviously proud of cloning. Yeah but I think he's a class he keeps his own friends. But the mood as friends who are clowns who's not a crime. You know you know allowed into the group you have to be under different. Yeah temperature. I've we will will move will move by next in the as we get any more passionate on Al's here and the jet engine did you look for some it's. Big cloud it's all the fields that Baghdad at the previous plan. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one.