Mattie's Reaction to Amanda

Thursday, April 14th


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Through making this wedge. After the Japanese yen gel yeah. We are ghost hunting on the jet engines show I'm tracking down and daddy's friend Amanda just tractor down. And played her call for Matty. Basically she said she will dating back tiny office that we were calling Michael yeah. He was blackmailing her because he embezzling. Money from the company was getting busted for it so basically. Amid a cut ties that everybody mostly called are appeared clear. How old autumn and how old is am and you know approximately. Because my fear part of that is where she called. I didn't think. I find yourself in any situation like and like you call the lawyers that you're closest whether it's a friend. Like for me it's brother in law yeah I am like lawyer now know not an elected yeah everything is centered to hedge on here now. Yeah so this guy according according to conversations I had a few too many drinks and admitted that he is. Human some cash out the top and and when she asked him about it when everybody was sober he's like you tell anybody. I'm a show naked pictures you everybody work. And she called an attitude told leave and that's why she left that lunch so so. You have solves this scandal Matty. Like yeah. In the idea that or grow which in turn you now. I mean she was kind of landscape are you know getting out and I don't know what I do. Not unpacked yet wishing you the illegal and it. You know I think she could contact anyone could she wanted to get out of it worked well right. Well I didn't think this we didn't tell her. The year last day is was last writers at this. That that approaching. So she said she was asked if she talked. And but you might wanted to shoot her message and this Friday's last day by yeah it'll probably help things. I think on the shooters like pre tax you know that and explode any anger you know I'm in the that you bit troops. Married to Erik and you've been a part of your Italian and then I heard you know being that I am actually didn't. Tell me that I've written you know but I understand the black male that I and it just think about back I. We are excited EX. An idiot you reconnect that we're glad that we can help with this public service that Jenna somebody else wants to ago. Goes timing yeah what do you do just email me directly it's Jen at star 941 Atlanta. And it doesn't have to just be. Romantic relationship as we just proved it Manny Amanda yeah co workers can be credited disappeared in your life teachers are brother sister or anything like that.