Matt Delivery Room Update

Monday, June 27th


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So sorry not eat or blind we talked to Matt on Friday and he's got a baby do a baby boy do next month. Yeah and he and it's why filed very excited about the baby coming. And pick people in their life are very excited about the baby coming. Her mother and her stepfather. Who both want to be in the delivery room while it's all happening and Matt is just not really comfortable at. You did take some action this weekend you did do something. Just older now right now. I don't feel comfortable it'll say that. Where anybody should be mayor. And you told your usual just your life. I told we apple recently gathered quote and I've pretty much toward the ball so. It would be that's here it was just turn I. Got a little emotional mother got a little bit. I'm on vacation in Hershey really ought to be at the end there and. We'll pick for you for seeing an up for yourself what you want to say it's sometimes really hard to do with your in laws but. It's one of those experiences you can't do over again you know you have. You gotta get it right and even have the experience that you wine with your child being born. So much mother in law was emotional what else happens. Although I mean there. Are stepfather he was you know. Well a little insulted you know he pretty much feels like he Easter. You know he's he's been there for so long you feel like he is so real so. What what what will be the arm and in just coming and then there are sitting there quietly. And I just I just try to make them understand. I don't. Feel comfortable. With some really anybody except for my wife and how to enable ticket respect them. Hydrated and well right. I I think they start you know plus festival days and days that he got where it was coming from. Hopefully they're. In an accident that sent me down the road for any event. And what's that they've become zombies can remember anything about how it got here it's just everybody will be so happy. To hold and anti pages with them and everything else I do feel like. Right now it's the only thing on people's mind is the delivery I gonna get from baby in the belly to baby out of the valley guy who's gonna be a part of that once the babies born that day is over her. Then everybody's focus will be on the baby things and hopefully you can. Chill out. Well it sort of boat over. Unlike yours. And we just a blast we're making complicate every thing. And how did your wife take the whole thing did you give her a heads up the year gonna bring it up. At they took out org images come. I gave her a little bit little little bit of you know information. And I said you know I think. I think we should just. Let them know so Rubin later. Cool wanna handle that each and thank you thanks Matt. Hero. Sell stock in 94 lines.