Maternity vs. Me-ternity

Tuesday, May 3rd


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The Japanese didn't show you shell Vizio. To join the conversation. At 4047. 400. Sorry I moral law. Should do well who don't have children still get a maternity leave that is what one author is proposing she's calling it. Knee eternity read she said I want all the parts of maternity leave without having any kids and she is under fire. Got an email from a friend of mine saying did you hear about this it's going crazy and my mom FaceBook group. 4047419. Before country. Her name is Megan boy she said she was jealous of co workers clocking out for maternity leave and she decided she needed a break up her own. So she decided right all about it she says she was 31 years old. Loved her career she was an editor of popular magazine working on big stories and meeting famous celebrities but after ten years. She was always on deadline and she started feeling envious when the parents on the staff. Were able to leave the office attend to their children and she wasn't she was expected to stay longer. And then she said to one of her pregnant friend you know and maternity leave and they laughed. And it was sort of this funny idea that she turned into a real concepts or she says that she believes in the value having knee eternity leave. As sabbatical like break that allows women. And to a lesser degree meant to shift their focus focus to a part of their lives. That is not. Based around their jobs now see here's a quote from hers there's something about saying quote I need to go pick up my Childs. As a reason to leave the office. And she compares that to quote my best friend Jack coasted by her OK cupid de need to Margarita. She said both of those are valid excuses to get out of the officer. But she said everybody into office is like all of course so it's Sony's got picked up their kid. You know you don't necessarily now to go meet your girlfriend her Margarita here's the telephone number. 40474194. We would like to hear from you. But while we're waiting for those calls to command I would like to argue in defense of what she's okay our eyes go because. I do realize. The importance of raising a child. And I do realize. And we talked about this briefly yesterday so these are disclaimers and maturing. Based and stuff that people. Commented after a brief discussion. Affect and I do realize that this is not just time off to hang out this is a medical you're delivering. A baby I get that. But if there is someone who is made the decision. Not to have a baby. It does put them in a difficult position because. Everybody is expected to give a little leeway to the parent when their rates. Having to leave early to take care of the Qaeda or and it's in you don't even question it. Like a net you never nobody questions I've got to get my kid to the doctor because it's a child needs to go to the doctor but the reality is. Who's picking up the slack the people without kids and right do you understand and saying are you following me you're staring at me with cold dead eyes straight. Now I am following you here my issue with what she's done she estimated about it. Every worker should have a sabbatical. She's just choosing. The sort of age old way of pitting women against women right she's making it about maternity leave cash and too many. You can't you can't compare the two things like if she weren't just on a mission to get everybody every body in the workplace a sabbatical great. But comparing them to maternity leave is where I think that she just. Digs in and just like. Pushes my buttons because maternity leave is not a vacation you're not relaxing. You're not taking a a break from work so that you can just unwinding get Xen which yourself. Here not sleeping probably more than two hours at a time for very long time. And then add to their credit for the argue for six weeks here's an idea I was watching TV here's the other thing is I'm thinking about more after the show yesterday because I was less. Emotional and more logical we've reached the point word and just ignores my arms and tackles for. Yeah is that. Companies treats maternity leave like a disability see you take short term disability so. If we're comparing it it would be as if you broke your leg Jeff yeah okay. So you break your leg your right leg and you can't drive yourself to work and you can't get to work yes you have to take short term visibly or your back what ever it is that would prevent you from coming in here and part of their job. It's a day let's go live leg to meet its simplest roots OK except for you broke your leg yeah I guess she has a Big Easy to comment on crutches but. Let's say I hear Richard say injured yourself in some way where you. Physically cannot come to work and do your job yeah that is how companies treat pregnancy is slated for the next ending deliveries. But for the next eighteen years. Can I every thirty to sixty days say. My leg hasn't parent teacher conference I've been. Hundred. And now and cannot but that's what I'm saying is she's comparing it to maternity leave and she's telling me turning neatly. It's a bad thing Jonesboro has Lou. Hello spell it is you need can be easily because Democrats really quickly you cheered expect aren't mad at train big it is. Why you check out our hat so I think kickback pat. Six week I'll let it track occasion that I can't let putter mullet. Like Gordon won here because I felt I had felt when I'm in LA where art. You. Say oh you know what he has soccer or in the early. And Kelly knew that I didn't really every act and act eighteen million west. Black children is the I want to at Eddie op. Now wholly. We will you hold on for rape but bad for 12 okay thanks now and I talk to actually involve ground hey actually. How are worse now. I feel like we can all partner subject till we're blue in the face but and throw the heat. I mean what may become a mom they're not gonna understand and not to think change is me the turning mom. Can you try to explain that have to bath who is just now that's a bad. They hide actually actually is gonna try to help you understand why it is okay. Yet no I actually don't think it actually kick me that I I like at least get that mother had to match call and all the acts that while it. Might be. I go ordinary without children. Well OK so I want ask. What was the first bad bad does that thing go and when asked best. Here's my question for you do you believe that men and women regardless of having children are not having children should get six weeks off at some point in their career. Like it in academia Cabrera at the back called yeah equally back. So it's not really your your. Pitch isn't really against people with children it's now saying that he should have a sabbatical. Now pan out but it is fractured right looks like he got that probably in the army they believe it is not quite hit it like they have lately. Larry you get hurt by Walid Ali though that kept my penetrated mommy and not think. I I understand. Writer's family and hold person MF that I come back yeah I understand what would back the saint. And we have. A leash. A leash a year HR professional. Okay can you hold out with this for three minutes from gonna come back in three minutes and I do I have some questions for you. As an HR professional. A desperate are you us of any chance a mom. I am I OK hold please. All right so we're gonna come back because I want ask I understand would back to saint. There are perks that come with having children that people who will never have children don't get too. Enjoy. Just sort of that understanding in the office that people with children are gonna have to leave on time they can't stimulate they can't pull the extra hours right they just can't right. Shall. Or one.