Mary's Drama with Her Mentor

Thursday, July 14th


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Jeff Greenfield Jeff Shelton Vizio. Conversation at 404741. Now before hundreds on the sign naive or blind. Really just enjoy and show listener and an emergency situation. Cut throat female coworker and I think it's actually her mentor. And welcome to the show Mary. Linking Iran we're looking for people that help you out with some advice who have experience working at ways. Cut throat women gain. The workplace today and I kind of know your story and I will tell you. Guy agree with you. Be interested to hear gents state will be interested to hear listeners. You fill them in on the and the. I'm live and wrecking her. The company backed by the and then my mentor she's actually very exact line I think she actually I mean she's making out. The Java app which he knew he could have adapt and then sixteen city really the month commitment. And probably government has seniority. Well. What can use any means that he died on meeting with the irony is that men. So she apparently you know electric Egypt I mean like. Chilled and and eat. It on their ability. I heard any comment cheated on. And passionate and want me package should be given. Actually I Serbia. You or make comments about how she's happy that while it. If you like an island since it like he can give it back. At the end of the day and that's. Right yeah. Hi my nieces and nephews and I can play the two time that I get right back and she makes comments like this tune him out executed that she works ways but purposely. Yeah. My anywhere Ollie casually talking with it fine. And like one that we can't keep once that like and it is an hour by the arm around in the air act is he now couldn't get married. And at one minute in the situation like Iran Breivik in the paint that. I'm gonna have children seniors. Order and have children period and might not want to get me to Russian. And so sad that she's probably giving you good advice there. I guess he actually said the other day when I'm president said there. Before the end of the day that she couldn't you know once they find out what happens if it Russian she can't wait. To start having it. Wait around amputees. Snow. So where's where's that backs them. Well here's the thing that my time and because I want muscles and rap against each other. We in my name mentor. My husband and that I should say today because her sister told me on the inflation. Data handling. That I seeking back later and be over the you know perished in the great mom and in front the executive said Norman okay actually in England the. OK so so you feel like the fact that you have been honest about wanting his sort of family and she has not been honest about wanting sort of Stanley. Is gonna give the edge in getting into. Yes well I would like to paint them. And I'm not play each. One suspect and needy yet even claim. Guided because you found out this information from her sister who I'm assuming you better acquainted. Let's get. OK I've got it so news ago. It is that what examine him. While the woman in her mentor. Tees back Sammy now access by being pretty cutthroat. Beat is she saying. In the workplace. Violent kids my kids here kids even though she does. They may just be her manipulation of the system that caught corporate culture that she's right. And and she's giving this advice to this woman places she's. I did I a 100% get what year has been saying. 100%. Because he wasn't she should do that I feel like that's a breach of confidence with this system. To cheat value incompetence or did she tell you matter of factly. Now it. I don't know if this woman in your office has been your mentor. I feel it's backstabbing you. To go and talk about her personal business. Don't miss a mentor already talked about personal business or lies about personal business yeah but that's virtual base. Think you're going to be outing. She and her right she doesn't have to be honest about starting a family with that I'm with. The office she doesn't have to be honest about not starting him and she yes she does she make that decision in her corporate culture gas she you know that's gonna hold her back. So she's kept quiet about her plans for having a feeling OK and you're encouraging this woman to go out. Yes I'm encouraging this woman to do exactly what the managers do I couldn't disagree with you mark all right 4047419400. Is our phone number 4047419400. Mary is an old Soviet corrections welcome back that are but yen this I just. Think about think about this in the back and he calls you changed my mind I'd go ahead I don't that you're thinking probably through. Then mentor. Okay. Is manipulating the situation in order further career correct. What is any different about Mary manipulating the situation. To further her career. Because she's do it by throwing her mentor under the knots the mentors our party throwing the coworker under the bush she's she's already sex her she said. This is a corporate culture that is not going to support you starting families that don't mention. And Mary is mentioned it on their. Them looking out for her going guess what if you oceans company don't talk about wanting kids so she's laid it out loud he's planning on having kids. Got a way to manipulate in this illness she's mean it and she's given she's given Mary that same advice whether Mary takes on its not her fault. And then you're asking married to go out her personal business that doesn't have time on Mary exactly the same game. Your calls next there's Jesse James shell. So are far.