Wednesday, May 17th

Would you ever throw a full-blown wedding and marry yourself? Some do! And it's called "Sologamy". 


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell all the net. Listen to this load of crap. I thought I according to so ligaments. Yeah. Okay which I think I am saying that rabbit spelled out its so low. Gymnasts. Okay. So Logan messed solo demands I don't know solos. And that's according to damage the secret to having marriages strained right person we can all stop looking. Because people are starting to Mary themselves. Now is this case of someone going I am not gonna always be the bridesmaid and never the bride and because I have gone to. The showers and I you know I think get like that point behind it because aside Ted talk about. Something similar like she's like I married myself after three divorces I realized that it was based on every three divorces you should marry yeah. Yourself out of the pool. Just it's just eats right that's why you have now. Yeah just today you prayer and three people you'd lose your license. Its own drive so it is lemon not even date at all now they married themselves. I go to our men doing this suit so low the mists just ignore all are out all the logo Imus women maim are not doing it. He's actually then like swearing off other relationship. I know it's just like I need to be comfortable Livni and then put a really weird cringing self loving. Let you know let me you're read give from this CBS. News article. I would describe it is women's saying yes to themselves. Said Eric Anderson and I'm all about who married herself. This means that we hear enough even then if we're now partnered with anyone else. In many ways the 37 year old Bryant look like any other bride and her wedding day she were a waitress and carried a bouquet. And she looked stunning with the Brooklyn Bridge in the near city skyline behind her. But when you walked on the dial this is the status and it's however you. When she walked down the aisle no one was waiting for her and Matt says Erica. Is just the way she wanted to. And since late I I feel like I'm what I like the concept behind it is that you are you well that you aren't enough. And that you are okay by yourself adding all the meaning behind it is great. Self love is great right salad greens. South marriage or so loud remains slow them it's just a gross word even to say it's set to meet Tyler coming sounds like salami. It's a lot to me NASA is like dig absence Camara dagger at some shoot I got its allied to me and I and that's and oh assists. So is trying because this popping up and pop culture. I'd like an episode of sex in the city where the idea was floated. The movement is out on global companies are trying to capitalize there's a company and Canada called Mary yourself. Let offers a wedding photography. Can't you pretty much. So let's take self I mean they do is say yeah I'm confused about combining such a traditional. Ceremony was such a nontraditional things right. There's a lot of Mary yourself would you pero may become a with a different type of ceremony that rather than walking down the right isn't that. I don't this is really turns me off I mean how depressing would it be to BL one of the youth. While that's my question be in attendance because goodness here's a picture. This is chairwoman Eric Anderson in their she isn't a rooftop pray with and she's standing in front of a group of friends. Tell me the truth that you guys. If I want him here Evgeni comes to you and she's like you guys I decided to self marry. You decided who wept into us. She's right I'm gonna marry myself and I am having a little ceremony. Album which is just like a wedding and get good at how many do that the botanical gardens I can under the totally. Right I just totally. To really simple it truly is an artist under the Chin-Hui. Ever do that could have regard to voicestream getting married. The fifth fit and we could dress shopping with me Kelly will you be one of my main brides tennis this. Our whole album man. Cilic is by another bridesmaid dress is gonna have your head so if you're not paying any. I know I only do so magazine I would do it I'd get very for real also why don't we just go out and guides to. The spirit you can't. Janet and I'd also like to talk to you about the possibility of Lorraine. Helping to think. My cap mr. wrinkles be the ring bearer if I hit it at is he going to hold her. Now this actually for JP is a wedding that you can invite uncle gators the only issue I had. I have already just as trainer. You have easy guys are gonna hook up with the one of the people on the getting married. So wait are they really sort of there swearing updating their slam everything. They're just Marion themselves with our ever is Nicole's soul searching. Now people do now have all the time. I mean a with a trip around the world yeah you know Eat Pray Love sound naive dedicate all this money to a party for myself to tell people about how much I love with myself a and and a stand out there and declare my love or minus amber and all these Tivo who probably love retail she tremendously enhanced like few people that I know are narcissism enough to do that again. This is what this woman moved to Brooklyn and at this Eric Owens who moved to Brooklyn and started dating after getting divorced. And shabbat as she wanted to write a book solution bottom of the ring. And put it on her. Ring finger burnout Nolasco so she would look at it it would remind her right. The book and one time which she said Jews in a barn and I noticed the ring instead who's the lucky guy in heat in she looked and am in quipped. Myself. Now. Well. And then I think you don't you just showed his shoulders and he might as a cell. She's that I retain citizenship nicer to think about it why not commit myself. Because when you're single society tells you the Euro woman who has not been chosen but I have decided to choose my stuff. I feel like I'm glad she's saying it is a bit. I mean. Especially going through something like a divorce have been there done that it's terrible and awful dude times soul searching when he goes through it appears we redefine who you are outside of a significant relation all that kind conceptual stuff I get. Except for having a ceremony and the white dress and make it out or are your com. I she gave she gifted herself home. A personalized rose gold bracelet from at sea it said I choose you in French and she gave that to herself I choose you love me. Hi there how does that work goodnight guys use that she wrapped it puts Lebanon table and you want to enact surprises up I thought would come from. Us out of nine cats it's not argue that. On the case. That every. Not everybody understood her dad back home in the midwest asked is this for real. A guy she news said it sounded narcissistic and pointless. But Erica says that loving yourself. And being yourself. It's a good thing. Freedom should mean freedom to choose your own path. And marrying yourself is not surrendering. Surrendering to the wedding industrial complex. It's saying yes to something. And yet she gonna dress and had a wedding. And did everything that you do when you get married and it paid but she's bashing and just when you think you couldn't hit. Any more pathetic. So weddings can take many forms that many married herself in a quite ceremony with candles in her bedroom when she turned 22 McLaughlin a alone no Lola. Why is this so depressed saying oh yes but also funny is that's there was no that was playing just background to. Should call I have a box alliance for the us fiercely. He's one of those bags when the caprice unwinds. She was the only one in attendance although she did announce the union to friends like that's not gonna get on Mike and FaceBook and with the for ring she went with a nose ring. Quote. I breathe my violence of every day job. Hey you may Nana yeah. Carol LI RS sort of got to treat their Kelly I think you should just going basement and say hey you guys and Mary myself and I Saturday. Professor Nikki and it just throw parties. Thank you write speeds yet and it's okay. As for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before want to.