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Wednesday, February 28th

Meghan Trainor talkes engagement, touring and her new album with our own Marino!

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Did DC so our money for a lawyer and our friend Megan traders on the phone. And miss I miss you I I'm staring at her picture we took back in 2004 teams pulled a third base just came out he stopped by start and for once. I know how he's necessarily amendment and I say mean amid this area has Lacey and I did so Monday doesn't see dominate late here on my card problem. Fast forward four years later in the morning music you have a new show called before. And it you got engaged. Amateur. Since we got a new song coming out tomorrow which were really excited about. Doesn't he probably never get tired of talking about an answering gays and some video. Of a special moment you look like you were genuinely surprised. I like I really was. And I'm by noon let me we had no rain Carlyle but he wanted to convert you made brightening. And I did that night with. This month and remind me airlock I and you may every day you're like it is today and I'm glad that today and parent buying and I remembered they thought the thought I'd Taliban learned bad rest. And then he composed and I cried in my delight amanpour instead and my whole family there he is such a man about eight at a hotel around there thank plowed into my into hubby and I had. And no man's not LA this. DC they're great guy he went through all the stroll for you made the moment extra special and then you ended up. Showing up on him. And then and here. I mean I got food poisoning on the hunt and in. I yeah I mean really cream two record so I went from that back and I there have been bag next they're face muscles lighted driving home and I felt so bad and good sorry you do don't apologize that the united fault. You know I chipped it I could in my clothing company and you happen like. That's how you're always gonna stay with you forever. Nothing says love like a kiss after getting sick. At right now. Yeah I mean how proud I am roller blade so again now I can't see me talk Dunbar to let me. If he's definitely keeper. So are you wedding planning mode yet. Now I mean you can't ask Aaron Baddeley that I do. I know Amanda Lee learned an account there's even I'm not listening everyday turning in cards are acting and I'm Samantha found a dollar mentality Solomon. I want him to come I mean Kumar he didn't. And you need to enact and religious site. Lou I think in Montana you can't plan in advance planning a Republican noise. I don't like big cars need some kind of comment. Like I'm on the run around and say hi and the audience is not saying it's like I'm performing well I'm I'm aren't they Allah and like. You know as the best piano thing then no bugs me I am. Hey real quick though when you when you do have the reception always do everything together that's some good advice somebody gave me do everything together that night so you don't more caller and it saves you some time because if you try to be social separately. Yet this season with the whole night. Yes take into the bathroom with you to. Know your register August guys something nice Bed, Bath & Beyond target whatever our. I'm staying in a similar bans. They can trainer on the phone right now and I'm so send a new song called no excuses. And your few weeks ago it's amazing and I'm happy to tell you. That it will be OnStar nice one tomorrow. Wanna hear all about it. How huge is it about the defense to respect one another out and give them and I hugged today and it feels so bad and answering promote that you don't annoy you wanna be treated. You know I think we need to be reminded of that backing out bait. And that's when he came expecting bad day you know you've been you know. A great message yeah. And you might have a ton info on an upcoming album and you can you tell us there. I'm like why did you mind if I'm tired family being on the background on the no impact on women my dad actually be gallons of common complaint NL and are again. And that is the big and land there aren't aren't. Really yeah Hal is so cute enrich our traveling the world together and we're all promoting it. And it's our entire family balance and I mean amount about the video that showed how my family there every day. And check that out. So happy you were able to find some time for me today Megan and please stop that's Atlanta. Very soon we'll see you. We do. Nolan add. That's Megan Trainor the song is called the excuses thank you so much. DM BJ green and thank you so much out there one.