The Makeup Debate

Monday, June 5th

Jenn's 4-year-old has a dance recital, should she wear make up?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. I felt a little different from. You play with matches being. That is Jenn hobby injures six short months 2000 that's who. Do you answer and. Who stands mom modem. Lewd image and future since. There Zain. Dance recital this weekend's. Foreign Jens older daughter Lauren. And generous pretty shocked. When she got to practice last week in Saab with some of the kids are 21 she's four you ever remember there are forty years old. And most. Speak. Little girls were in full makeup. Like I shadow mascara eyeliner. Lipstick the whole thing and I. Will grant. This scenario that's Lawrence on now yes that generally so so that was the debate was you know do we let it Wear me out or is know all peace and she was floor because now I. I I showed up completely un prepared they were my audience comes with tackle boxes full of make up ends. You know punches we'll curling irons and hairspray in hand Mets and all these things and I just locked in blind going. We just your and Ian Simpson I mean to me it's fun to say try to account competition. She's. Some as parents is probably competition well it's it's a big deal so. Yeah same Gaylord if you lose your walking home. So I mean the question is is that right or just flat out wrong for a four year old Wear makeup. Now our telephone numbers for 042630941. Passionate comments on both sides of the song. Gosh so many passionate when some people saying yes it's part of the costume it's fun to them. Others saying absolutely not it's just an excuse to. You know over sexual eyes are children and I mean both sides very very passionate. Rachel and Buford welcomed the sham. Little old girl were generated. The question is that how is Jane's daughter. Age she wears makeup starting at age four. Wow I'm wearing. It's my recital and so do my mom trauma here any link certain happily at snack which had been a client. And and held seven assault and I think that it is important that there's a difference between route kind of costing him contract or not. And then every day I obviously. I went completely nonwhite and having that on and so. He. Writes it's a different thing on Halloween costumes and we can't make up and I just checking apart. An estimated they give it. Britain why my question is I have some questions ten YE thank you Rachel why does he need to Wear make up all any of them. Let me get it starts with 11 of more make up bright and saying that competitive mom number two it was I don't eat and you Wear may go low and and then and then all of them or Wear make up in Europe we have one for not putting makeup and her four year old that's. And I losers yeah that's us where you. Some people said it's part of the costume because these stage lights will once she route if you're not wearing make. Yeah and you don't wanna look pasty and age for. Right. I mean yeah I. I'm. Guessing somewhere it's starting with adult women dancers wearing it and then it just got younger and younger and younger and younger to where it becomes normal why is ten. I just also conflicted how did. Little blacks I'm Lauren do it in the his side on the receiving end it. Well all these trophies. Of course that you broken coming. I carry armed this year around I'm looking I'm desperately looking for somebody who says don't Wear make up and I can't find anyone. I don't think they're the problem might think it's perfectly right into a 100% necessary. Now at age or I mean how that yet kid our little and I don't think it's. Ear which is a lightning implicate white because you get washed out at the time you're saying that meant to. Jerry when your old car I don't know I don't think it's here it's just. Part of the cost him. A little girl especially early in having and I don't think there's a problem. You you don't think the makeup and age four is it is a precursor to a little. Soft touch. Lower into the mainstay ash Lawrence the mainstay. Punch you every time you say that. I here's an adult Lauren in tennis I wanted to show him. Currently. I'm not inside track thirteen years and we are charter when I was thirty years old. My precious I know we get the local sticker on that's Gary wasn't all full slide like hey let me stretch to talk about the count of pledged blush unless they trade like back Schmidt and obviously as you cracked a charge competition act five. So. Obviously you know we are lighting inside a diet is very important. My dad who you're addressing that they've had so it is never read something match. You know I now where are the ticket I'm 27 years on now and I rarely rarely make it now other than left foundation and you know it is automatically have an epic collapse Charlotte where McCormick so I don't get pledged its name is Todd is gonna live until. Burying and then they got paralyzed. Right I sure. This fall I don't want that I don't let me ask. In today's age I also don't want her to feel she's not pretty without makeup right. That's the message I was most afraid of sending and it's really difficult to find there's clearly say heels and her son. You know. I had a few questions and listening sequence as a sofa and you know he's he's a follower and I when we come back here after room trying to gen may have to you things that I'm at and one I'd desperately want to find somebody who disagrees. And two men on your drains where if you wanna hold back a good night within three minutes and sour. Star in 941. Right or just totally wrong its legs your four year old Wear makeup that was the decision we were faced with his begin with our daughter's very first dance recital. In your opinions on listen for a fourteenth 2630941. 25 minutes from right now we are going to give somebody I'm gonna bus. And put them in the running tray life changing check in the amount of 100000. Dollars. I gotta do is be listening at 8:20 this morning we gotta give the money away. Can only win and if you're listening Smith share radios OnStar any sort of 125 minutes. Hey even more again is make Donna. Let's just not right or wrong for her four year old army got. Kelly talked. About she. Our model also and my child would not anyway to make that play. You're a white also it's earlier bottom OK and how how old are your kid how vision data rate now Morgan. Oh oh yeah I think it's ridiculous I'd say bitch did you band that. They have to how they get to be crazy and well articulate and wouldn't you cannot be different. But that doesn't she she's had. I. Did perish. Right now have well it depends some of some of the makeup which changed the way she can't. Yeah. Every down the and that reactions is initially. If that's the dilemma you face a judge did even marry your mind pray that she would have to have makeup on and then you walk in and to practice last week asked didn't. Not even enter my mind in the even set in the restrict instructions for a dance rehearsal like come fully dressed as we're gonna do pictures so I thought come fully dressed men. The hair bow in the right place in their hair out and Brandon Taylor a bunt or whatever and you know little ties on their shoes that's like awfully dress was when oh when I showed up and she had no make up on it was really the only one might well. Now I can only. OK. Now. What does Graham think about this is that remember life. The last year's sometime. He was all freaking out because all the Warren wanted to do was watch princess movies. Play with princess dolls dress like princess still does she still princess had. And he was like I don't like that because the princess so easy to be rescued I wanted to be Wonder Woman. Yeah that's why we like Meredith from brave and alana is no princes and so yeah he'd definitely feels plague. It's up to her. Because. It's a paternity long would you about the explanation but. Sometimes she gets nervous about participating in things you'll on him. Quickly ushered back into her shell turtle okay and so he thought if she wears make up and it makes her feel like she wants to be with her friends and go do it and participate prank I feel like that's okay because we want to encourage her to get out there and try but isn't there student serves and there is she is it's really nervous and shot I. So we thought. You know if if this helps her get on stage next to participate then he was off four. Is the trans is that is that. Psychology go behind that the U need makeup to be out in public. They can't live starts maybe I mean. Example is at home and I Wear make up everyday so I'm probably the worst example and sort of scrapped. I would just smoke you don't usually contracted at the candies and a tutorial in Atlanta today. I make a demo is very like nicely done is very national highways and national beauty you know days of watching them make of everyday so I tallied the worst example. Misty again. I think that he should not where I need to. OK okay and what Morgan's I really need all is. She forty years old. Older. Now wouldn't eat and then taking care bet. For warriors and it. Mean. Actually not ride and in our content all about the old school and back in and I hundreds. And you know iron in 18100 search you can't handle. Revolution so so. I think you know million noted Wear make up any tournament on the mayflower. A guy's perspective is this Jalen Swanee. Yes and I have I have two sides of this. I got to step daughter when she was static as she regarding where to make up and I was like you Jeff I was let's held most of us. There is no way my stepdaughter is going down this route. But then have to have you know a couple arguments I realized that her mom was right to what it is exactly what you said Jen it's. Great that they gave her the confidence to go participate in stops and here's the other side of that. Now she's in middle school. Where they I'll Wear make up but she's got friends whose parents still live by that no you're too young you don't need it you can occur Christopher how attitudes. But what they do. And they give them make up to their friends I had been that put it on in the school by tension by squared gold grille and build all kinds. It is time. Being able to just have that confidence advocated let me you know what it's five and got the confidence that you think maybe it's gonna make them think they need it to become crede. It really doubt that and actually had lowered her makeup use that she's gotten older so now we're left leg got she's got confidence she and her strengths are tired and then to box. Little trouble makers can they were denied that make our ability. Wild call Joseph consensus so true lemon what did you want more than anything in Europe and is anything your parents tell told you not to do you. And twice as my dish yeah this is the rebellion part of a great cop right and what's the verdict was Lorraine in May comfort ands. You see your picture engines instead Graham is posted that. Powerful enough to put out yeah you mentioned yeah I wish I guess before F what is it Jenn hobby right yeah okay. Agenda to end. But I think you letter. If you have you analyze that nations intent on that note I think you're gonna say guess yeah if you did it doesn't look like. An assistant educated doesn't look like she's wearing it issue or makeup or not CU is allowed to Wear a little closer a little less day all of the. Not good for this. So he wanted to answer she wanted to see if and she says yes and seated answer re apply no lipstick again all for the show. And so we did live sick twice in a little bit of blush and thousands Nestle true I didn't birdie I make out Cranium that's. And any little bit and she actually got to put it on herself and her and all that and so it began I. I'm good right now go to medicine for that comment I'm putting Laura. It's. On the group. I'm an event like this aren't bad. Cool I like to share that conversation. He continues league championship on FaceBook.