The Luke Bryan Game

Friday, June 16th

All The Feels alert! We had no idea our silly game would turn into such a heartfelt segment. 

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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. We don't play a lot of live Brian MS radio station. Matter of fact we don't play any good primer on this radio station and the fact is now. I'm discount the fact that he is from Georgia grounds themed concert tonight. And that very popular. I got correction his tight jeans and behind. Very popular. And plays Cameron now I have this two votes. The Bryant. Hi I have guys apparent tickets tonight that I'm not using so I would like to give it. To a member of the damage and her family and we gonna do that here when second we're gonna talk to Jordan in camps and you have to work for them it's. You have to identify real or fake. Luke Bryan song. Welcome to the general Sanchez. Hi hurry up gators haven't seen you doing very I'm I'm doing great let's get this guy and. Does your country girl Jordan is this your son. Absolutely. Absolutely am born in rate detect that and Georgia. Doesn't get more countries that aren't wellness and we appreciate you listening to start any 41. Even though we don't play a lot flash any country. But we wanted to we wanna be in touch and everything it's this hot on our intent and the Brian is hot in these happen and tonight so would you liked ago. Oh all right what you gotta do is it that a family give you pairs of songs. Can. You've got to identify which what is the real country song by Luke Bryan. And which one is completely made up. And I. The first. Whiskey makes you miss me. Verses. Take my drug but home. And we is saying makes you miss me a reimburses. Take my drunk but home. And you want to know which one it would say. Which one of those is an honest to the real and which one of those is a real Luke Bryan sound. Risky scene at it. You think that's the real one. Ideal wrong. And me. Are you sure your Jersey country girl. But it it been a tablet than there are any I've been working so much. Now I hear excuses find deaf ears here George Simpson I have not actually agree lyric I mean. We scam to me. It probably. Is somebody's son somebody's only next time the. Never tell you got to get three of these okay number two. Dirt road diary vs. I wanna marry my truck. This is the which when there is is the real live Brian sun dirt road diary curses I wanna marry my track. And yeah. It is. Yeah. I know it. I'm Galley Barrett red dire news right. All right guys I'm pleased and it's gone I wanna marry my truck. Like I'm very proud. I have to worry you're gonna carry. I pair number three. Fun and fish in love and every day verses. Budweiser kind of beautiful. I know on an everyday that is right. Okay. Okay. Level all the days since I've. They're in the back of singer. I just delivers a little better suited to majority give one nor. Are there aren't. You get one more you're going to attempt iron and I had two laps. Eric. Love me. And my dirty boots. Verses. Love me in a field. Let me and my dirty bits. That's the real line. You think that's the real one. When I you can't expect us. Okay hey my husband had buried there at stamina ballot love me and my dirty they Rong Ramirez feels. Right now and carry it. And I'm I'm sorry can you have to give this wife. And I say I don't a tank. The two sons are. Never ending one nightstand. Verses. Drink your beer. During the year past us. You're crazy. I'd love to get our news is it's safe zone with a big greatly. You know. Oh. I didn't read the guidelines that we didn't regular dialogue that. And it's. The home. No mom. Yeah he's learned ninety. No I don't got every radio. Ads already. Take that data lag it down. Normally that's nonsense. Yeah. Hole and how and why why don't let's talk to you for a second YAR rated why did you get separated and why he didn't back together. Well we've heard her. How are really grab a few years I think we've been sick. We had to live with somebody where's our nine year old on her. Ears and it just got to beat you match and overwhelming and so. Oh. Apps in there you for a little while like to think about being and here we are five months later in randomly call Nina likely candidate beaches meet this weekend. So we went to the beach and it was beautiful I had you know and over ten years. And I walked into that ocean road in tandem and then I knew that I'll let that we regret that the. Joseph he. Is not. Literal. All the women jeered yeah you're right I got a yeah. I'll. Jordan listened WordPad to get series tickets and work and again we're gonna buy union has been dinner before the show tonight RA. Okay there. You're welcome and there's an out. For words apparently according to live take him to Apache der. I've Johnson Jordan meant to be holed out okay. Yes Phil I don't know I'm Jan what's wrong oh I think yeah. Is that was such a powerful tour you genocide. Saying. This is so so listen dynasty is he right in the heart snow yeah. Hi I'm not a crier I am trying to tear up every analysis says I was so sweet love wins and I was awesome Aaron yeah. I estimate it to patronage and trying to vacation no me in the meeting about him to put country music. I'm. You know me wow activities ethnic group reports a that's. For making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one.