Lovers Lullaby - Ed Roland & The Sweet Tea Project

Friday, July 8th


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And Jen genre goes. I were in studio right now with my friend Ed Rollins fellow grooms men. Grooms warming grooms person that Jenn hobby in my I think very excited and the reason and it is in here is become eyes. His band Ed Rowland in this treaty project wrote a song specifically a guy named Jesse Triplett wrote a song. That. Is going to be performed at my wedding that he is. Everything to me which is my relationship with Cali in a fight to propose differently. The proposal was on a boat all by ourselves it was perfect. But kind of map back up plan was actually have Jesse played this on four. And and you haven't heard. I have not heard it because I knew you were gonna pop the question yeah engaged I was one of the handful. Of people who knew that was about to happen and I got your engagement story but I didn't hear on the field shallow. When you play the song involved like babies so we'd like to recreate that on our show is sitting symbolic debate here. I Ed before you bring Jesse emptive performed give it up like this we keep projects. But it's a good buddies I've known in Atlanta for years five singers are songwriters and it's just it's just a lot of fun and it's and it's totally different than its songs and necessary I could never present to collective soul cause my brother punched in the head yeah that's. Milwaukee with a ukulele or banned generally solid and not that embody so this ban will Wear a little bit more open those. Organic instruments like yesterday today. So please let me introduce Jesse Tripoli from Ed Roland in the street view project he is performing the song Cali and I want bands to honor wedding night. This song is called. Lovers lullaby. You learn me as a yeah the sands and. Sandstone. Or Lee who has not how our lives Xinjiang. Sooner. Grew us loose dream where eight juice. Kroll. So did you eat. LO RC. She's yeah. We. It's huge. We. Do these home. All. The world and see. Yeah. Parents us and yeah I'm hands are involved. As. Yeah so no school. And and it was stars and. OK okay. Makes a move drag. It's. Hey. It's. Her. This song. Turn things were. It's. Rule. Or. Me. Yeah. The awful. Okay. Yeah yeah since. I can they're involved. Is yeah. So us. He's. Have you know they're now open. On who is viewed. Yeah he's a yeah so well and and the moon. Yeah you and please use. Needs and. A. And so. Saying. And I'm exists and you. And her involvement. Is. From. Hey else. We use and there's Lou. And and the a. And. And well first lullaby that's the name of that song it was written and performed by Jesse Triplett. He's part of a band called and Rolen in the street view project in that song right there. It's going to be the first dance with my fiance Cali and myself and gen John we just.