Love Poems: Part 2

Friday, February 17th

We each wrote poems dedicated to the things we love most. 

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A championship shall. For glow. Twelve minutes jet engine share of ocean. Poetry nepotism. But brown and some words. Rage after this oh. Now you are the first game you and I are. Gonna first minute rematch poem. 21 of the loves in my life. It's always. A plus for Leach a fluffy treats with syrup dressed. Golden brown many squares financed. Place next a sausage. Let it dutiful spouse. Created by you. Oh noble Waffle House this. They're building yellow legged giant Lego brick at a breakfast before me made professional and quit. The menu is large I can order with the ease. This pitchers of the food. I'd point sales have these. I'm afraid and hungry and warm like a hug and high hopes. There waffles. Thick blanket big me safe. And so now it. And here to eat breakfast anytime of the day. So peaceful and calm. I can make a huge gently swaying. So many people to see their serves faces do you shimmer. As they wait for their shrewd. With open their eyes glimmer he. Sausage or bacon both promising signs. One and I can both Waffle House always provides just. Their atmosphere is jovial your staff highly trained. I eat without a care of any weight gains at this with a wink and a nod your host guides me in my seat. I'll eat my weighed in waffles and that's no easy feat that's. I can achieve. You ready for them. Sooner sore easily. I had to do need jazz music you're now no I now. That don't have a Fella yeah. My favorite roses are red head Z yeah whatever violence are still blue I. I don't really love who. Love palm so all you single folks this short mom love you love palm is very yield. I like my coffee black just like my soul and uncool AAF with being single until mauled. And so last week certainly that leads to OK I don't. My business wire yeah. Hello my doctor sees. This is a love pump for you if you're lonely day you. Dear I'm blonde who is feeling great today. Hello my talking streets here here if you perk up and thought wait what's that I hear. And yes this lonely com is in your cart and rode it for you just for your heart. When you're feeling alone it's a sad space all around that this mom is to help you feel up a pop and not down. This slump is the dumps and I've been there too you may be appearing at others without a clue what to do. When you see them all smiles happy and shiny you think why do they have a right to shoot I'm whining. I don't mind. What they did maybe I should it may be I did. Did I leave those behind that crummy X thing I forget to find that to which I'm supposed to clean. Perhaps it's not them do perhaps it is yeah what can one do to turn all your skies blue stop thinking board year. What is instead of all that sat in your head you turned your view outward to share your love instead. Given way to anyone you can see who used to I well see Fermi. Do you know who is very young are quite old hug from you would most likely big gold. You have a neighbor who could use a lift our co worker who might want you to cover their shift when about a person who takes care view your country you're suited your clothes that NATO. There's blood inside and you know there is used to track being given away today no delay. Right now makes it called the card the smile because that's how love Brando's animals safe throw out. If you're thinking you can't well friend think again there's someone who needs you right now times ten. Loan. They adjust and change. Good job jams with the Dodgers juicy enough yeah I'd say yes you told them you're boring the sole hole was back. Sorry it was a senate voting against the at day.