Love Poems: Part 1

Friday, February 17th

We each wrote poems to honor the things we love most. 

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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell hole now nothing I say is love. Like a nice poem. The last time before last night that you all sent down to write poetry for anyone. My hike to fan the good. I did I do recreational high Q. I could go how many syllable. And in 575 in a league I'm an IQ my food. So. What's your team name. Oh he's trying to do it really get that. Yeah. It's a oh so high noon. And I get confused because it's the alternate it is my carnal league themselves you know corn on IQ can get confusing yeah. She. I'd sell anyways we are. Columns and the poems are at their love phones and we do we we picked a different. Now whatever we love the most in in life and I think I'm. The most in the non. Seemingly. In love person of our group. Is JP. Photo and hi JK you and your fiance. Heidi I have a marriage planned for later this year yes you sweat to love it's disgusting we all are grossed out. It's under and I'm sorry that you're getting whistle my second hand loves. So you can go first what is. You'll our love on who is your left on its form my fiancee Heidi shocker are. I.'s Miller Lars. And Ted Kennedy's and jazz music here generate. I am. Yeah. Oh yeah and fiancee Heidi. I love you more than words can say. I wish we can eat chicken wings together every day. But we can't because we won't fit into our wedding stuff. Your positive rating your smile your last I take it and and then of course is our little dogs bits. I love him even wanna have to clean up is. Messes. I love you more than you love hash tags and social media. If you look at beautiful look there's a picture of you on Wikipedia. It's. Happy Valentine's Day in my partner in crime. I'll always had your back this entire lifetime. Pop. And they're jagged. And I think the job combining the three things a love the most chicken wings Heidi and our dogs it's nice work called. Did you mean when it your poem right or can. It's it's more than just like OK I was just taken against the cancer and there though I. Although our. Own now. Shout out we Joyce in front you jazz music I would love and indeed as. It's still too little things in life can go low around. Too little little thing thinking god your boyfriend I imagined. Things in life that make me feel complete. But the things that bring comfort after a long and stressful week. In my cat's secondary and my Xbox clearing my name. Yeah. Or your love and compete. I spent so many hours a few dedication and I am. And they know that he'll always be pinging kinda getting samples from cats and watching them play particularly but the competitive overlaps game. My little I can I'm ready for the well so does Valentine you even if it's absurd. But if you know me all you know I love holidays. And more than that I love to celebrate today have all these and happy as can be we get to celebrate love the best part of humanity. And to the people that say yes it's not a real holiday that's made up by homered to steal your money. I think hug watch that just can't be great love doesn't mean things just times. It's not about card it's what's written inside and it's time meditate you're old enough and I. So you love how she suicides is whether single or taken love this elusive prize an if you like at Ballantine the columnist you happy Valentine's Day for me and my cats too. Good jobs you name it. Is that it's hi we will combatant and I hear from the single woman of the group problems. Have it is about what. You know redhead didn't copy and things that I love it's is short and sweet ass and I and I Jan years sad topic is. My title of my time is. I love palm's Treo if you're lonely bill. And young star ready for a one.