Love at First Kiss with Paula

Wednesday, August 3rd


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It's first starting up the routine for the new school year I didn't. Jeff and Shia and still are nutty floor goal line by line and I am so much anxiety and I don't know. Rule for kids. It's happening experiments. It's filled. So the idea here is that I don't know why I'm so nervous I'm nervous I don't know if you when you and you're giving the Packers after enjoy and I did I'd be totally honest that I profoundly creepy yeah. Paula is a woman in this equation and you're so much hotter than it. I I don't wanna I don't want that to comprises five cream beer brewed if after it looked like it was seen. That at that. Now it's creepy but I do look very young Powell then you know and I've I've held you out I've. On the current amen. And Paula called us yesterday as we were talking about they show love at first it switches on TLC tonight at 9 o'clock. And the idea is that you complete strangers. Meet for the first time. Then instantly. Then within seconds and since the room. Lay on the casts he has a lot of Apollo wins when she called us yesterday they need to refresh memories. Exactly why all the wanted to do this here's. All of. You never now it's gonna be on the other side exactly as it did you sign. I couldn't be an interesting experience. Could and apparently. Some you know you never know in the future I. So why what what's wrong with the England norm. You to what is wrong. Our topic you'd get real close hello I ever when I'm on my way to work and something like this comes on the radio and I'm just thinking. Yeah. May not yet about idea of any. Really mean there's nothing wrong in trying yeah great great radio voice. That's not its true. I not that you're completely single you even kind of seeing some money now now right you told your friends that you're doing yeah. Are they Hollis and. Yeah they and I think it my coworkers are listening way. Partners and yet tell us where you're a market at sentinel group. And burned right thank you that would in that group for letting caught me in and our team late today or maybe even take off and mysteries and thank you lips and bury it actually adds doctor before and doctor writing and say thank you doctors. You working right now yes it would beautiful. Did you have it cleaned yesterday in anticipation I didn't. At. I would. I chuckled on the basis I would have been like scrape everything out. Six you don't know and he blocks in the U well. Yeah within seconds now once yeah. And if you don't want to make sure you're committed at this point I don't think I can. Now what you can reject them like I mean hey I love. But I don't think I don't know I'd feel guilty. Tendency a person and oh yeah. One leg is not met recently. Okay. All right so Paula it's 44 years old 125 on that when he sent. Completely single and his decided to put it all out there were that Jack and I would tell Kate can I ask what sort of it's are you prefer. You I'd he'd like it channel do you like more aggressive. I don't instigate eaten a gang I want to tennis and mouth ranged about it. So it ended up wet and your guy you've got the problem with. The club. And usher yeah I had ever again just make sure colony that it's gone. Maybe like seconds comments. Made at me like I'd like. Agent youths bake it and I mean. And make it adds radiant. And how. Paula the happier you. Yeah. Yeah. Things. The I that way it's gonna work is Iowa today and bring him in here. I you'll be standing up. And he's gonna law is issued to know his name. In inside a can just say you know this whole thing is on FaceBook lives so parents if parents are 941 Atlantis space page you can watch this on good. He can be just as uncomfortable as yet. He and his ex and you're gonna stand out and then he is gonna command and you guys will have your five seconds of passion reliant. Then. And he can you know introduce yourself for whatever I don't know she's on a conversation I. Very little conversation I mean it can be like I am Paula Newton at and and he can say. And think. I hanging out for an hour before as I was yeah yeah. So you'll I'm since that Daniel had little whatever and then you guys been in five seconds and I will ask him to leave the room. At which point you can and he will be able to hear you he's gonna leave the room and onto a rumor he cannot hear you. And you can provide. Complete. Okay instantly. And you had to be really on a I'm. I feel like I'm mourners and took it. She's a year. Ready for a one.