Love at First Kiss

Tuesday, August 2nd


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Star in 941. Rich you kiss a complete stranger. Within seconds of meeting them to find out if you are compatible. We're gonna discuss that in a few seconds every listener and a huge issue of her friend has started selling it. For Rodin and fields you have seen your friends have done this on FaceBook well this kind of become relentless with her sales pitches. And it could be deal breaker and their friendships we're gonna talk to her in one hour on the Jeff and tension and seafood each. In a British Airways love at first kiss and premieres tomorrow night 9 PMI TLC. This is the traveler for that. Hoping that you they're really great kids their first aired. Because I really have tried everything with dating updated on my pain I have posted singles events I've approached stranger is in random places so I'm ready to child 111 kiss and maybe this would be the magic. I think my strategy is just go for the kids maybe I'll be able to likes that time. And then from there are things takeoff and who knows maybe she's my first girlfriend. Apple thing cause ago and can't. To me and I'm just home. Thank you C team. I was at all it's a good. That's where this thing in. All I'm nervous and I'm not ever going to do that an eight. So vague concept and they showed it yet Michelle this is based on my extensive research which consists of watching the trailer once yesterday. But it seems like they cast people men and women and a pair of them. Off into good it's it's they make it as uncomfortable as possible if this enormous weight room. There's just two people walking into this room that it's there's void of any other stimuli and they have to kiss within seconds of meeting. Would this is nerve racking for a guy as it is her girl. I I think we're now I think I'd be nervous because then you getting your head about everything. Reform means. They laugh how long he'd do it yet that your phase one way everything. You just keep your head about everything that had its limits and natural first Cannes after you've had a Gator a couple of dates or know somebody or hang out feel like. Incensed. Kissing eight total. Stranger right. Be so we don't know what they're let's look at all. It. Around somebody and when an enormous old. Collectors like to have a dragon rate there in the and. The idea that. Tiffany calling us from flowery branch good morning Harry. Harry outwards you kids a total stranger in hopes that you find compatibility. Actually fairly. It. Eight but I I partied and married and of course we get it dirty air during a very here it everything practically write it you know network out there in the beta what do. So what would be your strategy and using eight total street which you eat or let and let them at. I'm Gary and what if he or was really that we'd just be short. And then Elian they did not like and how to eat that I got it. Are you think you can tell from a first kids. Only the art like you can and you and EUN and the idea and then you check them in nearly. Not there. Barry can be I mean it could be LA are properly check it out if there were shot. And are you dating right now. Okay so in how do you find eve I'm your man how do you lure them in Tiffany. I don't I met bill mandating now a career I had mutual friend that. Our. And you guys are you guys to the point and year relationship where you could not do this today. And probably what it. I was excited for a second because I think and the evolution of thank you for the top of me. I think the evolution. Is that we try to find. You people willing to do it. And we can that we can better among I don't know how much screening went into the TV share. And our telephone numbers for 047419400. But we can bad about a little I mean I know colts began high. But make sure make sure that they're completely. You know like single are not married her in a relationship and there are looking. We gates and general parameters from from each person is. What they're looking for yet I mean so if somebody's thigh. I'll have to be completely sequestered from knowing anything about each other which is the first time they actually see one another yes face to face would be on our show. And they would have to kiss me yes in my gases were gonna get a lot of contact from. Or 0474194. I think the challenge is going to be. I think Cynthia I need more brave is typically it's up to the guided go in for the first casts. So you're already prepared for. The nervousness and awkward moment. Or how you're gonna make that move. I think your guys to be more willing to you already. It's instant shocker first call named William I'm guessing your day. Well yeah. I see a single we're dead your single do and you'd be willing immediate girl and kisser with insect. Okay hold on you might be our art. Now what we recently had a column that we can't we betterment we're trying to girl what are. You. It. The phones are ringing so let's. Take three minutes well I'll play a little adjacent to Rula we will see if there any women out there are. Three there are their call yeah McCabe has a girl's name right yeah. The B Emmitt halon. Hi this is gonna have voted for his kids and that's a contentious back and evil. Star in 941.