Love & Disorder: Jenn's Toothbrush Dilemma

Tuesday, December 20th


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Like the Amazon drew in the mornings he'll deliver a lot of break your front door within the next ten days all. Jet engine shop on starring Eddie or want to. In the dating world people fall into two separate hit equally important groups. The desperate who need to constantly practice restraint and the terror attack who need to be reminded that they are really all that these other stories. Anticipated album it's really go bad I love. So I got a text message from Jen asked tonight late. 1015 and I just happened to me out and looked at and I'm I'm not even sure I don't know if this is a bit or. This isn't just venting to frank. I just seeing an event. I don't know where you fall on him but I just needs and is actually email I don't know why didn't tech students and it was actually in ivory. The subject line is green is disgusting. I'm in love you sorry but I told you and I tell when he did it. Our daughter Lauren. And if it's great. And it's an angry yet. You won't stop using my teeth so. Hank map Roman. I knew that I knew it can be yeah. It's sickening and it all really. Aides sneeze go wherever it pleases attack. On the corner. Just personal way talking to me. I want it now. It. Cat what are you wary of its shock everyone. I I my. All time and how might ask party's gonna. He stands. I mean if my like that there probably just leafy. I mean that would and it's not a goal if he did the two Russian mouthwash and it ago I don't know. Actually that isn't worth. It's if he doesn't have a toothbrush he won. As you see sonic air. Whenever I'd rate your teeth until they rattle inside your head ones. And it's right they are. I just a regular person happens on the counter so he's so easy he won't reach you run opening roar and more openness touring get his out he does as he's mine it's on the account terror. I should put this in a pre nuptial agreement will do not use my toothbrush you know anyway sesame. Yeah now. The plaque on your teeth. You know my two the president did flame and mountain's Nancy. There's limits there's definitely limits or. 7419400. I think the team precious one of them whooping in front of each other ideas that. No yap and half and now and now I just feel violated. I really feel while I feel. So much. She was so mad this morning and I tease out and said wait for Hillary. He shoes so. It's just. And what's frustrating is in his Q pressures on the if Hillary he is almost does it just to. Stripped me of control I have to get in new toothbrush once we have to go to Costco and can you giggle thing to Russia's every time. He uses mine I just in new now unfortunately you guys have. Is applied differently when you movie you've lived in town now in an older house he prices but one thing grade on it and doubles and we have a double thing you did OK yeah I got the solution and a tank and in that this would work but if you have a double thing yeah on your side of the thing you have to do is what one of those things like the bank as with the and and it changed you know he can't even bring it over to his side with see what he would do is just brush on my sat in and years and discovered it's been yes all right for a four. Seven for awhile and 94 and it will just take like. And calls what do you or mobile mobile home and and will hopefully give you ammunition and you know the people's. Team Jen is looking Jan KJ. Kitt which your vote. A team grant. The thing. At the Mount Washington does he let me ask you this question does he leave out on the team is leaving off. You could just mad that happened that I guess there's a difference between Tampa. And inserting something amount great garbage after he after back grant. Wonder why and Kelly cheese we know you're discussing vote. I think it's perfectly I'm married him he should take it as a problem. I would users you trash can't pass pass pass out. When efforts and died in nine that your vote. It seemed it. And I'd out. After duties if you cast your vote will just wouldn't you majority wins we just now when you majority. Billy team Jan our team grants. Italy yet and as thank you really appreciate that not at all. I'm taking desert personally. With the Maggie you're taught us from Dallas Georgia welcome to the championship. Admiral you married. And you and your husband have such a relationship you'll share each other's teeth cleaning implements. It. Absolutely not I had hot new thing might keep Russian had borrowed or are in the morning before work to go by anyone that not my now. Yeah as you look bad is bad about her team Jen enhance human anyway. Eight six votes and then where did you feel her anger that's how I think he needs it with Europe or in the morning yeah impressive field. I've Stacy in Fayetteville welcome to the jet engines now normal. Are you a toothbrush. Share. I have to say when my sister wasn't tolerated and I was living homeless black. And should come home in either ninety read every time he came home. And I had no idea about it until are juniors in year college where I locked in a fat and artery that. An effort though like a little bit freaked out about it she's solid she's at it you're. I'm Taylor family nineteen. Grant on the. Yeah. I. Really. Yeah. You and your spouse use each other's these badges and you have no problem. Like when he got some of that State's stuck between his tee. And he wiggles out with a toothbrush you don't mind a little bit about half behind in your vote. It. It's I questioned and the program if any team dinner team. Longer. The warning. Every let me ask you question do you have kids. The though he can't read your toothbrush. Yeah he had it on my mind. Are you serious. Money and that MI out either unwilling or not even. Out of it out of his. Did Vince yours here discussing this habit but the bad that you guys have kids yet and Danielle MPG city would erode. The fact that you guys have kids in Utah about like it reads the other day got Cole right yeah within 48 hours. You all had cold yet because that happens and you have little kids and house yet just computer. Think secretary reason thank you. Can add the fact that he works in this school all week. Well he was in office these. Are synagogues and all I look at him he's fine he fusion to prep a may have. I'd Danielle what's your. Keen and totally all the way. And not mean there. You thank you Al Smith. Awesome Peachtree City where a team. All in yeah. All salute just got opinions on what. Exactly. Yeah thank you know I he shared team Janet team grants. I'm in need. Are perfect and he's they can you have an area people thank you. Pacman can either car. And I went in our guys that let it looked like my lap him he actually. And I completely you know what. And he makes this trick them. So yeah. He. Where residents are totally getting the stealth toothbrush. Although he's he's listening and texting me he says based on the about it it's time for you to apologize to me. I. Yeah grant takes a little bit too soon it aside and Christine Fair Bernal a team. He began fidgeting in Dallas where a team. They can all right thank you hey I just intentionally team re on team Janet you grant. And General Jones your team Janet team grant. And again because of the conducting you have different agenda between each hit this. You two Jeanne. Who is her vote counts for and because she's a panel hi Janice team Janet team grant. Seen it yet. Enthusiast Gina yes she does count for more as a hygienic. It's just seeing right. About how many germs are on toothbrush. I can't even begin to tell everybody go to like a whole ballot election about it. And that bacteria are communicable. Bells and you'd think he'd know better he's a doctor. Should know this stuff. Thanks in an era in nameless machine at the Latvians as solid victory. Solid victory quietly he's just Lance built teeth. Perfect. Yeah he's running Dennis. All over its yeah. Demonstrate how little early enough. Congestion.