Love & Disorder: He Decorated My House Sort Of Part 2

Tuesday, December 6th


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And shelves daughter forward. Frequently and it. And you. While I might give some guy is an opportunity to respond trades hopefully in McGrath Terry represented their recap. Is. Kate came home to find a house decorated after Thanksgiving operate yes just a couple of kids she added I'm. Yep single mom a sushi was out of town for Thanksgiving her boyfriend of about your dance came over and had her entire place decorated. That a couple days later she found out he didn't actually do. And sort of pass off as is now. And so she is like. Going into olive garden and being like why you didn't make these bright. It. Trey what's gone. Lord and I'm I'm befuddled. And I. I agree and you. I cannot screw you mormons kind of finality initially but it now Oakmont prodigy if he showed up with a brand new car. You wouldn't ask like ninety manufactured thing. Born mr. dinner last. Where the car made. Out of the car of the maybe. Is there about being possible. Theory doing things on the art so it a little different engines are dead. Bolt. And almost audit at the write a check yet right. Not easy credit check. Kelli what side are you. On this day OK so I think he is probably decorating with the decorations they had. And he probably needed a woman's advice of like that crappy is it and Islam right came up around like dead but let's make it better. Well. His diet she's. I'm. Don. Welcome the they get more at your thoughts please let's try to get a couple perspective from from from some guys winner salute very confusing. I was notably whether. Yeah who hadn't done something that is completely unnatural for a man that you. Listened. He's picked up on cute some if only walk around talking about and a unit of Ballard checked it job urged job. So he took the initiative is something we do something. And chief question. I mean. Back Fallujah. I I don't asks. The sausage is made they just. Edith. Attacked. Island that yeah and they put it on the need to bring it you have nobody Ayers thing. Nobody cares. You twirled the doe. Got a thanks. And keep and these are bad yet done down through that aren't now will Powell movement will continue to hours. As many. As the pictures. That are. How decorate how about beyond company would have it was like an element you know this team and Al wears this like paper cut out the snow. Every yes. You log in public prisons underlined that you have. I'd say hey this guy he should go along Clark Griswold late and neighbors scholarship to go. When he test and played it from outer space and. Like mine and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta.