Love & Disorder: He Decorated My House Sort Of Part 1

Tuesday, December 6th


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If you're driving. It helps drown out track. At all to hear a join us for themselves. While you're there. On story now before one. Producer Jean is already upset about this and we haven't even heard the Apple Store yeah. Gay you know what I think this and falls under we've only done this a couple times you were category I think this segment falls under. In the dating world he will fall into two separate hit equally important groups. The desperate who need to constantly practice restraint and the Erica who need to be reminded that they are really all that. These are their stories. Love and disorder. It's sort of category Debbie does it say. It's been dating a related. We're gonna call her Kate welcome to the jet engine chip eight. Even anybody year I and give us the name what name should we call. It seemed fine. You've been dating Dan for a one year and he did something that owes me when you're at a town for Thanksgiving let you taken from. She. Our whole idea and I'm a single mom and cute kids and. I wouldn't say at hill and I can't have a whole week of Thanksgiving and recheck a few days away even Stanley. I had to come back and think it'll be carried into the second jobs either just a little retail job basically on to kind of hate Urquhart the president that things like I. Shuttle while I was gone and I came home and by how old it really decorated everything that Katrina. Lights yeah. It that I did it blew my mind and. I mean not only did use all my decoration by yeah actually bots Amare and should and it looked it looked at made it you know it looked on the court session on. That's what making jokes. It I don't know a couple of days winner. Think he actually did. I don't think even when you got all the decorations. Had this morning came to my door who I don't. Actually a friend of his hunger something like that in and she doesn't processional house aging and you told me. Oh want to hear how decorating. I accidentally left out there and they need to can get it. I kinda started questioning Cabell who actually did the decorating a hammer her. Sleep hey he'd heard if you. Said that spoils of Oreo. Yeah. That's what an insult to the you know apart anything ignorance sweet and either he even made all the effort but neither are anything he kind of idea. And happy about it as well Ali as it and. Did he. Did he really pass Saddam his his own I'd brazile Paul Boyer I hurt my back carrying water for me and there. Why almost fell off the latter ordeal and that or did he just now released saying anything and of course you assume that he did know what when and how it played out. I mean I probably I thank him and that it's amazing. That a mild. Any kind of implying you Lleyton which he had done and. But he didn't do it himself even if you paid somebody else the idea its hands but he didn't actually do it he just. Rose to check he did it what do you 4047419400. To mean game running here. There she's ready to jump on this but let me but he that glamour energy means. Aren't what's whose side are you. Okay well I'm on the side where I would totally get that it feels comfortable I already felt that way when she was night. He decorated without battle with me but that's fine. Dot com because in these mice actually do the decorating. To me what's it it's what kicks off a holiday like well I'll put the tree skirt as a real skirt that's the last thing I'd do. And I've put on music and it's a whole day of it and especially with family and make it and Malia and stop. Did you say that you Wear your tree skirt as a scorer while you decorate the rest of your house. That there really pretty trees game. Reuters it's. Ellen it's everything a. Amazing. It was somebody decorating your house you Unocal ripped off. It's been I would have gone in late. Really angry and emulating yelled at them if they didn't know that notes who was I would have been like this is a chance to teaching at the spears of Christmas Miller does that sound like. I really appreciate what you did get like eight decorated. Like it that way but at the same time you don't understand Christmas is about it's about doing stuff together and Qaeda problem that it doesn't sound like wheat problem not just the fact that they got decorated write it the fact that. Rate it's now he paid someone to do. And they need you might I. I don't love the idea at the curtain I don't know being and help. You know. Oh right on the decorators and that he hired. Yeah yeah yeah quality I don't know if you little annoyed about it you know hey I was there this is bad thing. I don't know I've analogies bishop this boot and I doubt this is handled minute I'm moaning and Swanee while Malaysia. Hi why in the world is wrong what went in the state. They complain. He didn't do anything not only is there anything to help and then when they do now and they get blacked it on the Brady. So you think this is really sweet of him regardless of who actually did the work. Yeah. Okay Eric OK are you pay for. She came into a beautiful how I would love for somebody to have done my outlet spent the last two weeks decorating. I was thinking about iron in my house. She wins decorations this hurts. Until the last. It goes on the tree and then you're sitting around looking year decorated tree and soulless it's weird. Waiting. Whitney hey you're rabbits out of it. I. Expect the Brett. Usually it means you can't. Let one you don't do. It in and I don't. I. That would come in and out of the moment. I mean you who I think she should appreciate you know. Hey lives and it paid for the car he lives in Atlanta. Yeah a great this year overreacting Hershey can. A street overreacting she just needs to relax and just know that the economic well. Lately Lula. Someone. She gets extremely. With a wonderful. So Liz it's not me it's not any less from the heart because he paid. Not all the anti tank at some point I don't let the public art critic and they're about that at all and I. And it hit harder than 110%. And she just need to dot. I thank you Liz Kelly Jesus answered eighth DE I zero. Format Carl. How many agree with Kate. Well up until about ten seconds ago not whine and now he's filing out one caller who says you agree it's my hat. Hey Allison welcomed a team Kate's. Me on how do you agree with K eight but it a little different. I agree that an area almost eighteen years. And I buried because. He's working a second job paper written he wouldn't want money to decorate. He could help her bad break and then helped our paper credit as it happened to work at that job. Art. And she and Garay offense the deploy anti graft and without. In. Line men and women are still competing. Having my every Amy and back at. Indeed to lean on an elegiac banking. And at night and I want my house. And it completely decorated I would never and a million years it seemed my husband Michael and that they are. Yeah how about next. And it ain't it wasn't just friends kinda that came out. And are praying that she without laying an apple appointment mop the right. I mean that someone might see knows that I like this and I'm not now to do at that mine are now. I mean I can't think that you appreciate it and I don't feel like I think it is. You know it into the you know. You look at it seems. Critics. Are well. Helio welcome to the show that you a couple of calls does it really Kate I'm sorry but it's lonely where you're in. Around here and it my ineligible at that. I was saying I think I finally get his side a little bit more now listening to this yeah because I feel like. It's not he's hiding the truth it's that in his mind he may be just like never even thought she was giving him any credit where at all and he's just like I decorated like. To him that was an ally it was like he's hiding that he did maybe she shouldn't like sweetie this and all you right that none out and also. TV shows and I analogy let's see if he shouldn't have made eight your house with a hot pizza. You don't assume that he bait. Which are still appreciative of the fact that he brought you dinner and now comes back the pizza. Yeah. Senate and the like something to him he knows he's hiding anything. Let me ask you see Kate and hygiene I ask you billion Euro and gates are not advocates I'd write you out you know. Yeah matter it doesn't matter who did it right tags that you that he did it because he paid a one doesn't matter who. You do it its sweet. You know where it is sweet moment but he'll put someone did that for our. So listen here here's my I think here's my personality is if you if he brought you cookies. And there are homemade chocolate chip cookies. Yeah that's yeah talk of countries. Do you care if they came out of that. Giant. Miracle. Of all house Laurie. That base Alan Kohler section on the supermarket or do you need to know that he was that you've got ours is there any. Whip them up and it doesn't matter he'd make it. How I ask you. Michael I got to finesse a good clone Alec and aids. How much time. And eight and the level of sweet NL only really be upset if he was a comic national let me from scratch and then act and a it's really only the lying that would bother me at that point I don't think. JP your own way that you can get an engaged no. I don't I would do this is what I would do if somebody said hey you know indeed it is that it and use that all the time and money in made living room and everything looked nice I can all dollar. Lawn of roads are down these. Paper snowflakes that animator that she made her new government on grinch yeah. Kristen wigs from bridesmaids would. It starts like swimming in the chocolate fountains is writing everything. Miley Cyrus wrecking ball. Thank you played it luckily that. Add thank you I appreciate it. There's was sort of a JP overnight and it's about to get out here is that I'll Clark Griswold and. In case you haven't heard it today we look down. And no one can notice that colonies on enhancing the discovery of the championship show star and 841.