The Lost Wedding Ring

Wednesday, April 5th

She accidentally threw out her wedding rings, and to this day her husband still has no idea!


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Sorry not before one okay. Turn it up. And Jesse James show all of now. Last week Janet shared a horrifying. Tale that had a good ending but it was I got anxiety listening to you explain this during in the. There is one man in New. York just peppered kitchen and up girl. So I took offer rains grabbed at all. Set it down in paper towel incompletely. Or thought about it. She threw away the paper towel and the wedding rings in and didn't realize that she did it. Until this city had already picked up the trash of her building. I. Then she started backtracking yeah she's okay why did this and it is all I took a mosque in the kitchen. Mention that I'll I set them on the paper towel its over and all oh no and then she rents in the garbage cans old guy the garbage is a low guy. So the cool part about this story as that her husband at the time like in he's still her husband pat that's how I am in divorce or this. Go to Iraq. He's said hey let's calls imitation in and sure enough they have come on out to the dump. And they started looking. For the wedding ring so you'll hear the one here in her ban. Did you hear the sanitation workers who dug through 800. Bags of trash. To find her ring. Kind of felt really helpless I had just clean them and I have been in a paper towel I think I abstract of the kids it's hard to figure out. And I just haven't crumpled up I didn't feel the week to. It was so much about the money of the rings the what it represented we luckily kind of cut open the bags to. Seemed like Amazon delivery or something was an address on it. And I'll meet you half an hour in it I found our address. And we just started looking through that area it's pretty insane like all the things that went right to make it to make it work. When it's a ring unites them literally at least I think volatile small item. What we've done this before you know we train. You know how to find it seemed the happiness of the basic. I think that she goes to Britain's great town of earlier vials. And stuff like that I really elaborate a real long as there's a bit. We live in the greatest city in the world and heights truly amazing. It's pretty incredible that these guys what they do not only is the job that they do on a daily basis but for the fact they went above and beyond so it's very humbling I'm so grateful that you know. At the city. As this department. She got her rings back. With some of those sanitation workers found her and her husband dig through literally. 800 bags of trash I don't think I've ever actually thrown something away that's that's super valuable. In some meaningful episodes like she said as the sentimental value more than in the monetary value of Sam for whatever reason it's something I'm consistent. We paranoid about LA I don't know why but I'm always nervous that night. It's my first coach when I can't find something I'm like. Which blocks were and why whatever it up in the garbage guy every time I jump into a pool I panic. Because I'm scared I have my own my wallet or ease up I and I at the slap left and right thigh and right back but. Estimates are just the nature nothing's in there and and I jump in the pool every single time at the same exact thing of the phantom wallet. It's like not there but it still feels like it's there in your pocket now Ole. But I bet I've learned back in her that would that bungling and a odd this actually happened to jet engine issue listener Leanne who is on the phone with this right now Haley and what part it's not a columnist from. I am all right Leanne in Gainesville can relate to this or woman who threw away her own wedding rings. I can. I'd bet my wedding ring are you a worker at the ordered the poor quality. Now. They live and there are couple days high rate pot. And I would it occur they later you lining up the court both black. And Reebok. Hat. Arrow. IE when I know. I know. And realize. Human rights are now. You're shaking epic problems. And yeah I think it is and the trash. So I had a rain they later that day we were being here and I don't know what they've. All. Our art. And I would like all my. I grew. Are they Diane. And bad. And I would try to you know all about it and I know. You say China. I just had a question because you keep saying rings. And you have them in a box not on your hands there was this before the wedding. Yeah a bit of the original wedding to an actual wedding ring. My name may ring. There are won or that. It a lack. So you can say that he did not get take out the trash what do you do next. There are trashed and that kind of around the corner and I'd want out of the room. I try not. I. Better and I never had. In my late. Or what I what I wouldn't. 00. And why didn't you want him to know that you did this. I am kind of shattered plane I I'm a lot are saying about not eating right. And what better. Way our. So you didn't wanna give them any additional ammunition right. I really. Ed I know. That. I. Know a lot of good. It's caught Ryan's Othman and pension it's clean and how bad did you ever tell him that you do this. And I need. It. He's asleep. How do your armpit sweat for sids when when he realized the ring was gone. Oh my gosh I have my art it's like. Pounding so tired and I wish they when I. Went. Probably. Had to go back. Like big break out or whether it. Maybe now it's time Alan am I yes no. Everything here yeah how many years have you been married. In the only about eight years now all right perfect this statue limitations is up you can no longer be be accused of being. Scatter brained if you did remember and you did say the rings. I don't view it dig through the dark it's the ads again. And so he doesn't this lead and what's his name. I want you to account and how much you love him and how much he means to you rate. And you know diet and you are putting out but the Arab. Banks and. Oh I. Upton and young star ready for a one.