Lost it For Love 2

Tuesday, September 20th


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So are in 941. So we wrap up that topic right and the recipient's phone calls and Mahler. Off the air and tell you she says you gotta talk. Kevin. Got a great story and involves being crazy but at the end of the day. He's just the safest tension welcomed the jet engines and Aaron. Well hospital that I made a mistake and I needed to apologize to the love of my life and are really the belt boarded it up on the 78 I way Eleanor how much I love dirt back or forget that about just regular order. They gave we're still I. Something about but it's it's it's. That way and I did anything port city continued it. To do that and stop followed up with a about it without there are quite short three and a half weeks four weeks. I can you wait is this all behind you or would you be willing to send us a picture of the billboard. Are out. Actually would be glad to enjoy. Hi I'm Eric yet send it to us we'd love to see it if it's okay we'd love to shared on social media that could be a good lesson for other man on how to fix you are wrong. Sure where would you like me agenda. I think that Kelly at star 941 at and it knocked out the Al Al wine. You know it at star 941 Atlanta now account I'm just curious and what did the billboards say. Add her name and exactly surrogate they are crazy in love with you and then my job that. I'll go sweet well that come in how much of that constant. Well this. I don't party state but there's no I don't look he played it to get the message across. I'm not gonna play the crazy music if you're too sweet. You know or go to. What makes. It's not far are.