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Tuesday, September 20th


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The Bard is going to be set really high with this story and his. Home state. Just a second. That the idea is. Where any have you lost it. For love. Wedding you completely. Snapped. Because. Your heart was controlling your mines. Reaching its Allen. Or 047419400. Is the phone number so when he completely lost it for Levitt's in the past it's not you anymore. You were under the influences of way. I charming dashing person whose rate load and you couldn't control we have to. I'll let you tell the story and an and I actually have a story so humiliating them in night. I hope really OK and get through this Florida ladies equipment. Right so why your years older name's Janet she's from a place called Claremont Florida on an as an important. She called cops last week and said that she had been kidnapped in her parking lot. She told them that some guys that forced her into their trunk at gunpoint. And then dropped off a par. Cops looked at them surveillance video from the parking lot this summer lock them out. So as they did there investigation she had to admit that she made. The entire thing. The issue was pretty sure that another woman was making moves and her boyfriend she wanted to test. The if he truly. Cared about. Error says she ate her kidnapping to see if you would all Lian knees just Sissy if you tracked her down and come beat her Knight in shining far. So she's now been charged with house report and I think she. Yeah that he had at. The head of the no word on the relationship with the boyfriend stuck with her I I have I've story from from Playskool that I will share. It was a young lady who bearing match. And I would coach you live you know in order. And I remember. One time. Exciting and they kitchen table and there's thing in the kitchen table about. Motel. Hotel motel whatever. Those that are reservation confirmation of old school in in the man Internet and mailed Wear a yellow sheet and paint she yet right she yet looking forward to your stay it would ever hands it is for a family trip that there's eight weeks remember it now. But it at lake unique. Name. Double rainbow motor something that document. Asks for it to their family. I. It heard it she did not take any nation but instead was in town we've. Her I'd new. Beers. With some trees and can't. So all your howled that despite NASA. Now I go out. Are there is. Driving and Asian. Parents aren't. So it's hurt arm tactic that ours. You know whats happening wait and count out and show up. Your trip I went home remember the name of her. 1 in the morning. On the asked for. It's room. And her. Defense. A good record that. Write your family on vacation. Now as it. Mean that's it. Cindy welcome to the shadow. At morning. Cheney went to. Love where I'm always a news story. Well it bury him there and I was being my detective Eric and I'm not quite Archie and Eli. Matt that but bigger of the packet that protection act together. And I got in the accident MacArthur I'm sort. Blankets jackets and metal hammer. May he got into her car they blocked. It serves very hour then talking him making. You know stat actual acres. I'm listening to and Graham and I can't. And more pressured their demand that sin is probably very arrogant I can take it anymore I pop my head that. And he does what male deer in the headlight look like one. How many. Cindy how many total hours where you lying under blankets in the backseat. Well it late hours. He believes she made it three hours ago. But he started spotlight that. 4047419400. Michelle welcome to the shareware and as you. When he could admit having lost it for love. Aunt Edna. That Lecavalier of the Galilee had them spread their third and I back it. Quiet place at a time let's as. Making fun of me harassing me and he had a look at me and I return the favor lit they look out the water I met him and now the TV. And and I never realized that I was. A little creepy little. I see retaliated. For a pillow we have a full glass of water and ended up frying. NIC be let him go flat screen or something and. Good old school big box TV it like from the ninety's. Yet they did little thereof for their due for an upgrade anyways Michelle. Yeah I said we didn't get an upgrade that specific it did violate. It made there at camp. Broken. Yeah that I'm reminder as caddies are relying Arabs of this nice. And laugh. Your heart controls Andrea. Control any. You're actually your emotions. At. Not responsible. Are you. See. I mean according law according to us just where. You lost loved. Temporary insanity and temporary love sanity. Kevin ownership. Today other dog and I had a a girl that I was dating she we are supposed to go on a sailing trip and I was trying to propose on such sailing trip I think she got wind of it she would do music I told her friends instead. So I decided would be a good idea buy tickets and go to it. Try to get on stage and proposed that acceptable and I was thrown out I don't think she saw me we were ridiculously staged. Are you zoom. Did not clear it with anyone at the music festival and haven't yet Europe your goal was just that bum rush the stage. Ever go well that's evident that he's going to be and it had trouble right now. In the Uniroyal images images hot energy 300 dollars and to date ticket and then a lot of time back to all you know. But now all the. Did she ever say yes. Now we would try to make it work like a month after. Can't you can't look sailing trip and go to music festival in May or you know. I think that was a sign to use that. This went in and out with a note. You should just that we are devoid of music. I Paul's. Now they get that thing about it is much of it should have just been in catchers a giant diamond ring he just walked through. Chris steak. RO. AU turns to everyone's friend I air. Though at I didn't age married and on how that group you name me some answer car where it backs party. After he promised he then and I've earned it. I thought he would extricated the Demi on the heading right. You burn you literally burned that close. Yeah he wore a few that club. I literally have been in execution in order to try and alcohol and. The inside your house. Yeah. They go right. All right so. Are you guys still together. You. As he band the news any sort of against all since then. Yeah I hit it out. That's when it's and a massive tree and him apparently. While. Actually log into the show. I. Any battle while it had a boyfriend. Let me every got me right. But. I. Called it. I was pregnant and you're gonna have to pay it forward and so I got 500 dollar break up. You do your roommate. Pregnancy test. They don't write. It. Is. Just to get money out of him before them. Exactly why. He. Oh my god you know I wish to have and actually I wish he would have said oh my god that's not an option for me let's go and reviewed by the hand. Q the mall spot you a ring and rented it dead courthouse got married and thank you. Am. I got game. Wa. They're both credited as the remains. I lol I can be tough to beat down on the good document and holds permanently. They are you and on break. I found out my pain husband is cheating on me and I went you're on one Manny and I. On the information I needed and found out and get everything. And mentally are dying and yeah and implement uncommon you know unbeaten 1. O'clock am and I'm like hey where else. Oh I definitely out and I get out and her house and we for him to come out debate about that. You had a base I'll pack it in your hands and we're seeing. Yeah heart. Yeah do you not get out of my cat and I didn't you want to thank you and you and I want and you may. I'm already chlorine in that low that this and review in jail for attempted murder it is I don't know if we. Not like Allen Beck no. All of the cop that came with like really understanding you can thank you need to lean go Hong Kong down where you kid that I. Am freaking out. What do what you hit the bats. At Atlanta. Hawks. The bottom of the porch he came out to get kneecap then and add him in this column. Are you kidding I wanna hit dilemma for the naming every enix dot com the conference not only from hitting him remaining low and hot little. Thank. Attendance. I include in the deep end. The sort of with a cute little story about how I think in all high school girlfriend's parents of 1 in the morning. Ended with a felony. Star in 941.