The Longest Hangovers

Monday, March 20th

It's been 3 days since JP's Birthday and St. Paddy's bash this weekend and he's still feeling him feel better with your stories!

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And young star ready for a one. JP. We talked about this quite a bit and on Thursday and Friday celebrated. His birthday what year but the whole Graham 32 his 32 birthday on Thursday. By a watching basketball. All afternoon and at buffalo wild and try and firm about noon to six limited Stephen busters afterward you did OK so so there were some boos and that they write yeah. We kind of behaved yourself as you near the seventeenth two is where is Saint Patrick's Day and a year to commit early and do the shows so you see had allowed to drink or eating go crazy crazy. Correct Friday. Was Saint Patrick's Day. And much time and your target earlier that you felt like the hottest on the bark is everybody is finding shots. It was for my birthday. And everybody was so caught up and all of the hoopla for Saint Patrick's Day the day here's a shot here's a bitter here's a shot here's a British guy. And it was like 130 a Mike there's going to be a long day. And warned that any ready oral bar wrap the data which is the biggest saint pastor say a party so you have like. The biggest birthday party on top. Ally music everywhere I'm doing divers jigs in line dancing Indiana. Knock it over chairs and drinking Beers is. JP just disappear from would like disappeared for 45 minutes at a time alone released JP. The ovaries and the other says the parties made a hole in the group of friends with a big green plastic cap right and had an 65 SoHo has. Holiday is a favorite holiday many shares back obviously again as with us or shot or something in many is that where we've got to get. Jimmy leaves they she's gone for 45 minutes were like oh my god she's been kidnapped he he kept and this year issued an AMBER Alert and I stared check in the trunks of cars of people literally and John I. Did you hit JP is like who's our new friends that have the so. So. You're feeling it today big time I ain't no spring chicken now mall. So how would make JP feel better and here's our phone number the question by the way. Is. How long. Did your hang over last. So when you went hard. Harder than you probably should have. How many days were you suffering a phone number is 404263094. Line. JP is currently going on forty as the likes of Friday as Sanders says 72 hours of hurt. Yeah how Longoria hurt me how long did you feel the effects of your party day after. Or 04263094. Line. I've I've definitely felt it on a Monday from Friday night but I've I've felt that before I don't know that I've gone and in duties I've lost my voice before I describe how I feel right now I feel like I've taken about four rides in a row at Disney World on the spending tea cups. In ages I feel like that there's something on my forehead. But there isn't it just it's probably sweat it hurts it's probably the alcohol trying to get out of your body EMI any method possible. All the worst is when you feel OK when you make every hour wow I feel surprisingly well on unite all I mean isn't this an. And so he has some food and then after your first food. You start this like how is that Terrell feeling in my stomach MM like why is my head hurting right domains and coffee. The yourself on jacked up. MM of Perino I hear like dying. And it's my personality bill like I'm fine I'm good. And I am not is yeah. You were the worst is. When you wake up in the morning I'd I'd feel. Great brain emitted two in the afternoon is when that dump truck is parked in your face yeah you know like a wall and I don't feel great anymore. Allure in Fayetteville JP is on three days which you heard. What did you have to suffer through. A bad days. Oh and who are so what was the occasion. Memorial Day weekend. Let go eat till the year after it was the Memorial Day weekend that died out or at worst I've I've merely go ahead of course IRD a well hard inched. Yes I'd days. I had a fourth of July weekend like at two after going through a bunch of stuff I'm like you know I've. I just got to let loose and I don't it and I don't think there was hung over because they don't think they ever stop drinking and I. Yeah I had to quit drinking or employee can do it I'd. And then to get the meat sweats too because I don't think he could ever have a fourth of July and not eat a steak hot dog in a burger all one play. Markets and Atlanta welcome to the Asia. Where was your occasion and how long did hang over last. Actually my Brett there was this weekend her and those they get up and oh Friday very. At a my daughter's birthday the day for my Sabato who on aging mind implementing. And so whatever Ricardo date and then we isn't going to help that night. And I had an amnesty is being made it tough golf for myself on. One Sunday yesterday. And actually I act couldn't. After we are brought elevate Delano. And then the next day act couldn't. Eat good drink anything at the party of citadel investment group are already Earl every hour euros on the new week and my own party have access. We Marcus how old is Sharon. Forty. OK if you like it anymore right they get older are they a worse as yelled to raise the devise a graph with the declining legacy yeah there's the amount of it tolerance is out. Melissa and Smirnoff how long did your hangover last. Ole oh god what happened. A relay is my friends twenty or Kirk say can I Wear out Corey are now more which was on the Maliki. We third party format dubbed harmony and I'll even screamed at that time. I and they're right at me shot. And last it early. And did you were you living where you're in score reliving what your parents time. Living on my pants and the time and I let Eamon school. Day. Yeah did they now do they know what you do it. I don't know I mean how could staying at my friend how. Actually let me ask you this I Melissa did they offer you any help at all. Well while then I will vote today a 100% knew exactly what he did you know like she's gonna sweat this one out. Yeah yeah yeah. My dad my brother Eric are conjuring in where high school. And my dad knew that has his friends carried him in the house the next morning gas and it was a terrible hanger or one of the worst ever witnessed in my life. And my dad made him do yard work of the hole and examined data like you left a year in his yard work today and I was it was pure healthy. I can't admit it if he's right or AG can amended exactly going on. Ernie and if you're limited united dig a ditch from where where yeah I don't. Do you hug your radar thing how loud alarm more earned a leaf blower is when he got a headache and outside the smell of oil could fumble hurts yeah happy hang our. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.