Lochte Level Lies Calls

Friday, September 2nd


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So making this wedge and adjusting show shelf Carnegie Aurora. These are great phone calls Ryan Lochte level lies. That why do you now that you then have to thickly stuck it. And you don't. A Zoe what's going on. Yeah I a couple of years and a pilot I knew I had some more. And I. Can I lender. RE. In each one back in Rhode Island eat there and I'm like I am. I reached it yet you security and aliens eat only had a roommate never went. Out. And we get the part about that leak out at all. Now and I don't. And from that and that later she. Ate out. He shouldn't do that. Yet but. I don't like him I don't even know where it's. And that I am really. Any count on like you owe me a ballot that she get care here. Are you sure these are you sure is an accountant or it is. Orders you know the office furniture at the accounting firm in the higher incomes and. Aaron and Mary at at my ex re easy ground. The neighbor and a crazy yet Henne. Oh this late here on the corner and manageability not eat it. We now go after my god. And so I went over there and I Lambert barker after super guy inside it's really cool and down and so all the right in the middle my conversation. I went in the room and I have actually nineteen where they're coming to me. I. And I said look at you and saying he then buy it I've been under doctors here the last two years. And I have been flat in two days and hurt they went from really need to be frightened. And then all of a sudden. Then he started asking me we could be friends. And then took the rest of their dog never got out again by the. And work. It worked they did move out of the neighbor Patrick everyday. Because they had a crazy ever. And leading. And they warned the neighbors to the people who bought their house about you notice. There's you there who doesn't sleep at the crazy I'm gonna pick up Shea and a manage it will be I think maybe last off this round. Of the Lochte level lie. Because she's actually been faking it in his field. Brooke in Madison Georgia her husband is a liar. He went like art together. Our he had tell me about older sister ain't. Hitting it here and now the actually dating a black. So I got on the Internet for three years I arts extricate. And I wanted to let her know. She had her Brothers she immediately seek it out to her art or at least she married to the campaign. While there years and cannot area. Maybe ten and other argument. And I. There are a night that you know at least I didn't get a Mike check it because of the color. They're quite friendly hey yeah thank you by Y re talking about national strictly. The older sister. Why wouldn't they why would he cannot. Allow a federal law. Wouldn't say when you already lining about the so old hole. We are not know we are no longer married. Their best. A recreation area right at you you really like I mean I shouldn't try and they managed like into. June did he know you were searching for our. Strong. It could ever wish you watch homer kind of tagged everywhere it got higher though. Chicken right there. In late there ever existed. Yeah. While that's it that's at some ethnic hatred there that's gonna be a that's going to be a tough gonna be Shea. Thank you for holding and welcome to the jet engines now. I'm Jack I am completely Livni X eight mile high. A couple of years ago I desperately want to live by myself I am going to let that ever made and I am an act. And in my apartment like in a guy's house where it's not every other round and a prank with just. It was unbeatable but he had to be an international it and I became. And only then can. Now look like equaled the nine. Old and am getting around and yeah yeah. Craig do you get the Australian not even if I. And thank you for the college game that's fantastic. He's still he's still living there now. At the low ninety and I. Think it's remain in this Litsch to the Japanese and show our need for.