Lochte Level Lies

Friday, September 2nd


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This and what do we get into this close. And arrests in the last championship and Shia on stopping before blind. Right like the told a lie eventually adds busted because there's no place in this room about securities analysts. In a place you can go without. These video and you know that might as well actually it wasn't. I mean your mind and it wasn't even there was a robber was. Analysts. If one that money but what she'd tell lilac nightly you got to stick to use it for a period of time at that lets a lock the level lied at the new name for. So. I know there's somebody listening right now who totally made sending up on terrorist. Hands up and live with it and got the job in his as the ride it out. One line beget another beat beat the need to remember one told. Remember a hundred years ago. I'd telling some you know normal what it was out. But it solves believe apple. Remember exactly it leads all icing that you met him our friends at Emerson think of something. I troll but a all I can only again so all. I if it had different attic area of story but I had to. I'd hold on line this company about meeting believe goal and a pirated. By. This person and not that was the rate historian and it users super believed all of like who cares about the regional Atmel. You know I mean there is only written food whatever and these dues so excited about the illegals out he would just tell everybody the story that I had to go it. I just made up just to be laid a bully yeah I mean seriously like fifteen years ago or something like. Jessica calling from Atlanta what was your lie. I would that I had tumbled current bond ballot for the and so. Oh it's. It's. A little tired of being continent and at night given the job. I don't know why I and you know a compact. Out. End up giving the job as he talked to his mentor. I'm actually caught it mentally atop the lobotomy and a Mantilla. LAM. Although it. Oh lucky. Go to this. Is it that mentor probably that's actually a pretty good trick because. It could be a situation where. Your bonds said such fantastic things about YouTube amend or. The man toward them what do outlook jerk now remembering W worm but we. Though ages of the mentor of them died. As like right now that I don't know with a girl that you'll probably meet demand are someday he'll likely get the I. It's great. Thanks for the goddess. It was. I had so my friend or not I'm that you. That area. Without. At a I respect our freedom our beat you play. In the middle dinner she goes yeah I guess that the vegetarians. And cubic. Crashing through like me like no other. And I think the site and they dated like three months attempting to keep that attitude. I how or why she decided to lie about. He didn't want to deny that guy that ever day. And it scared she went cleared it she was at a vegetarian. Diet to lose. She replies that it can that he didn't care. It's just one of those things that they get the beginning of like a relationship. Maybe he was a vegetarian she wanted to be be to you just try to find some. Right you just try to find time to bond over yeah. Lower in Fayetteville welcome to the Japanese and out. NATO alliance and I was dating this guy and he told media targeted toward Japan. Our eggs from the find out that you like at Dunkin doughnut. I can't. Well you see what had happened was George Allen was born in light on. I guess you hey. It was as Spain and how long you have to keep Georgia power lie out for. A low he would probably get around as long about letting bad at about it. That out I confronted him and it went up on it or not founded Duncan domain name tag includes. He Ella by noon but solid. Attitude is good. The dating yet that would employ it made it a whole lot of trouble. Pop up on. So did you did he used to tell us there is night I was up on the all of it's an odor. Tom yet let. I you that our help but let my let their bill oh you're not believe the elaborate story that's got sold bootleg malaria. And I'm not he kindred spirits now the the only problem was that things that are the problem that is I'm craving them in the have my kids are extremely its own. Bed and I will keep taking your phone calls for a 47419400. I including a phone call from a woman who is speaking in accents. It is still doing it. Actor and acts. Help this do you bandwidth we get into this close we got your back arrest in the last. Engine shop on starting naive or blind.