Live From CHOA - Update on Reese

Friday, September 9th


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Are you ready for law and thanks for waking up when Japanese yen. They edit text message yesterday afternoon instead. Texas with Liz was from a person who says. Do you think it would be all right to give. Ryan Seacrest. Jens cellphone number. Yeah I wrote back. Now of course it is yes absolutely. And and I send that person myself. Show we'll talk about that phone all that and had it. Ryan. In a second wait what's that update and Reese you demeanor. Yeah said the jet engine supply from the secrecy is at children's healthcare of Atlanta angles of this morning because our daughters upstairs in the midst of her second round of chemotherapy treatment. And I made a huge mistake yesterday afternoon and spent the afternoon in a tailspin so. When you received chemotherapy as a kid and as an adult you get reports. Which is a little place on Europe. Body sometimes in your in your chest it's for reasons of her abdomen. Where they can access a really good vein right away without having to do an idea every time so she has little port area but it's sensitive it's a bump on her skin. And it's been red because she's a baby and she's like always bump in energy and around with that a whatever. Well yesterday in the hospital rim she was in high chair hat means like. Some dinner so I think it was around. Just to snack can't remember all the hours are blended together in an elected there. So she's having them there and I was getting her out of the high chair getting her back into the bed where and the line and she active times receiving chemotherapy treatment and a some medicines going into the port. But they try to do that when she's just being normal kids shoes having. Thompson you know chicken and broccoli in high chair so I got out of high chair not realizing that the line was caught in the chair on and it pulled it out. To which he she was like screaming. And I didn't realize exactly what had gone on so I was like in the midst of a panic or three year old and my parents and their rounds so I am like hysterical. As we call the nurse and and she came in and they were able to. Figure out that that. There's a needle that doesn't support that gives it came out and come out and actually gone back in her skin now so they were terrified chemotherapy was going into her skin which would be. Really terrible yet. And so anyway it was a big panic situation and I we call an arson it didn't understand that she was and a lot of pain and hysterical crying and it was total in the fall. So any. It's off. The. Source so the nurses were wonderful they got enough thanks they got back and she's fine now she's. A baby's are she you know you can distract her fairly. Quickly. But it was afternoon and just trying to. Forgive myself you know. I just felt like such an idiot and you never want your own kid in any pain in. I don't know if he's like a rookie mistake or something back. Everybody was I guess. No big deal as well as I was a big deal it's fine to sound like let's not fine like I. Made a big big mistake so in the midst of that and the crying and trying to get my three year old out of the rooms and she didn't get traumatized for her whole life. Was when Ryan Seacrest called Ava had cited not talk to him be the message. Now I didn't get a message but I got a text message from his sister Meredith is so sweet and kind and just said that he was trying to act. Get a hold of us then you know and just ams and his well wishes and prayers for a reason. But it was just in the midst of all that drama that it went counts so I'm sorry I saw the missed call. I'm sure that the text message from his sister in just told her thank you so much because I mean. I wouldn't be at work today you know lightning. It worked really hard ten. I feel like we've worked really hard to make sure that the show is still like fun and funny and a great way to start your day and that's we want this to be everyday back. I just tell you I'm going through is really hard. And the fact that we can be here. At secrecy is allows me to still work and you know try to. Hasn't done in China you know Sharon lies that you guys so I'm just. So thankful to them for giving us access to the studio and giving us a chance to act. Still do the show while we're going through all this you know well a couple things to as I was like to look on the bright side so number one yeah. He has never idol anymore he's got nothing. You you're back. Super into the celebrity and everything I just wanted to I know you are I just wanted to be able say thank you because. You know he doesn't show on different radio station in town he didn't have to say students and their credit and all kinds of corporate politics that got in the way. But he's picked heart and his foundation has been heartened that yes to and they didn't have to do so. I wanted to just the Aussie thank you to him personally for giving us this awesome access to be here and I missed the chance because I'm an idiot terrible parent and. Apartment. Of you know that your horrible mother. I figured terrible for and for now taking that call because you know I feel right. And you know all I wanna do is walk through permit them all hand in hands and ought to Iranians pretzels we gave him. And we each did different flavor from buy shares. I want kids frontier he gave me radio guidance. And that is started so you. Oh or other currency here I mean I. I was just like the whole thing comes full circle and with really mind to say thank you to him that would if he. Where it would put you in a bad light if I kind of went Psycho girlfriend on him. Right call back. To. He did send a tweet and you both about and Graham I and that anytime sneezes you know and he's accounted that was so nice and nap. And I thought it was pretty equal to get a three reform and yet and I did an okay here with my celebrity here's some real time. Ice eyes that he. Left a message I'm here incident yet you present a picture threes in the yesterday and I am in line. Soledad. On our radio friends like them in industry really liked followed you I was like he loved you in its absence of an idea. I did look to see if Bryant solid you because if he if you like you and Alan you and now. I mean I can't even name renowned knowledge examine it and starts a star hit the. You know it's it's and it's coming I know I can't say it took an. Is that all stars as Ron Munis is I thought. She said oh come on Jeff it's all stars that's. Odds are that's the first thing and then about you're not as terrible mom and I would like to meet its wrong. Allen made this promise to you. That Wayne Reeves turns. Sixteen years ago you. I'm gonna play this categories and you'll buy her car a rough hip hip and everything that we. I would gladly buy her cart today. But anyway she's she's doing fine assists is. There's no lasting teach you that. If we got good and she's. Rebounds one of those moments where you wish you could room wine in time and just fix it and it was just the chaos at the moment with terrible. Yeah list. Many right in the midst of that my phone's ringing. AFC champs yeah well I'm gonna switch up the schedule that Andy is ideal. So I definitely need to laugh today so high I started digging through the folder of the phone scams related and was back in Tucson after the woman called last week he hit and I was able fine and I. I was gonna play until later in Asia but how about this will play next I need a phone scam Orleans old school style guide perfect revote we'll have that story coming up in just a few minutes. The press Jan thank you. 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