Little Activists

Tuesday, October 4th


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She's running Dennis and all over its yeah. Justin. In years that god gives us a world. So old is Jan does are part of your border back in the day at the old radio station she knew everywhere that you had to be. To CNBC hottest. Everywhere it's ago and now she's the mom of two who women's. And along with her friend Tina she has a business that I absolutely am in love with it's called little activists. And as a mom. Trying to create good humans in the world right it's it's it's Disney what they are doing so I asked him and her business partner T Yahoo! it's also a mom to come on with us for a couple of minutes to explain. Their concept of will activist because I really believe that they are doing good in the world and their message deserves to be spread or. Other moms and other kids and anybody in touch with kids every day is the idea started with TSO Tia. Let's start with you there on the phone with us now. Elsewhere the idea came from and how are up Matt start. Yeah I'm 108. And I think I and I'd like. They are way down there and think about her parents in Ankara. And it can easily prominently at the academy insuring. Well aware of what's happening in the world and not about you know it Glick and fox or whatever. So avidly and I. And the green carpet warning look up I don't like oh my gosh what have we created an entire brand. Grammy Indian official conscious messages from kids at. If something that was coolant pump it up and eat the things that are happening in the world and you call active and I literally popped out of that. Hop on my computer and went to get that he and opposite him in activists and early the next big hot hand and 200 pound or something totally let me let mom. And that the men opt. And keep it but that he had bad at it like that are exceeding after giving program to sort of I don't either and that kind of bad about our. I connected this so much with little kids 'cause you're trying to teach them lessons all along the way and so you want to protect them from the things going on which you want them. Soon to know what's going on in the world and to be an advocate for her sensitivity. Rightly. Take your sleep that sort of you know a lot Amy we wanted to make mining coal. I don't know I probably the way it started conversations about you know why it's important to stand out are. It that are getting bullied or why it's important to be a good friend in high importance of these sort of general. Being that we cannot be doing anything there maybe lacking a little bit and I'll name. So call now there can be six year olds who are not only better dress that I am doing more with their clothing to. It. That night and it does some of the messages on that T shirts and the one disease and agencies to tunes on here. We have some great style like I and the number of the marble like we have one called every income which it might hate it and we are human and and all that great it's not your weight ever retrieve. My favorite one is litter bugs me. And it's got on there and it's it's because I've been trying to. Kids don't know if a teacher long long way so. I mean teaching my daughter's week. Walked through the car cargo anywhere that you don't throw out your trash and I always pick up abstraction threatened trash cans so hopefully leading by example by. I I can't wait to get her at the litter bugs me T shirts have it can reinforce that. I really do believe and what you all are doing in its. Every part of the fabric of Marcia when we started the show we wanted to put good in the world and make the planet a better place so. I just encourage anybody listening. Who has a little human. To go visit a little activists dot com they've got a great messages that they might even make one in our size is okay. And they give back but every single purchase so for the next couple days they are throwing in a little activists superhero uniform. Cape and amass that every order so he had to do is use star 941 at check out to get that it's little activists. Dot com you love it. It's just an extra cape and mask lying around somewhere. Literally. Guys. We really appreciate not. Circle back with you guys after over a decade and have some of the more purposeful act the part. I want an aftershock rattled. Not a good. Thing Cuba settlements you guys are awesome. And she I'll still.