Listeners Weigh in on Millennials

Tuesday, April 26th


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He's a local all its fear and local Shia. What a concept are they moral voice. Just how groove down 8401 K Monique in Kennesaw welcome to the shadow. And pay money are you millennial. I am out like eight. Yeah I just I've adopted I would eat. I hate how we always get better ally but it's that yes. Gloria let all the pain and we're not you know I am a property that you're at a cabinet very. I. And I inherit my mom went yeah yeah Berry and he pretty alert and we are responsible. We're out there are hard workers and is it not true for all of us. Now is this the majority of millennia Els or. If we are speaking in generalities. Are you the exception or the norm. I don't think I think I you know Paul O'Neill and the paired up well and I am not an expansion I'll show you know a lot of people and oh yeah and that I. Aren't very well Olin and do our part we're gonna. Michael thanks for that I will accelerate. They actually in Roswell. Okay the and that's so. My perspective is different thinking that generalized and negative aspects that generation project perpetuating Mac so. Attitude your perception and we're not focusing on early positive aspect that the generation. For example of really very active and very passionate about it all right am I think in theory that the or not the political. Movement and changes that for the past couple of months and couple years. It would need to if I'm not a little bit more in stock look all the negative you thought one generation people and. Also I don't think we would probably even have southeast thinks I knew I was there I want to make traveling so much more. You know and and take advantage traveling alone because of my friends that went basement and I want them we'd meet fifth sharing a hotel room thanks for the time that lip injections wouldn't even be if they pay Austin Lucas drove in giggle he may have been the last comment on this. Iron I wanna say I mean I don't I don't think it. The millennial and general I think that the generation or the people who raised us in just in general. So it's our parents' fault or the parents fault. Right right aren't aren't personally betrayed by a hardworking industrious fairways are made. I I'm not at Belgrade right. I think I came out on a lot better than a lot of a lot of other. Millennial per say that you that you see on FaceBook pay you would see on the news. A lot of lot of your generation mates. Hey I read and I lied you can actually be the last Condit killer. Hey Fella isn't a lot of less often that you add to that generation dynamic I think it's. The that you thought were working you're raising the speed out of Woodstock revising the same thing about that generation. I think he ordered about their own benefit or lazy to get compared to admit that we are. So what do most educated and technologically advanced generation that ever was. It's funny we can multitask in a way that would blow people's mind. Start before one.