Listeners Weigh In on Graduation Boobs

Wednesday, May 25th


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It's. When she's on this dog now. It's yeah. Also I have a friend who's given her daughter wants six surgery breast augmentation specifically for graduation present and just don't feel about it so. Egypt called that your opinions help me figure out. My goodness. Morgan losing Jordan and Danny will grab your calls here in ten seconds got to tell you them in thirty minutes. We have a woman on this radio station. She's going she's going to be a guest of the Japanese venture. She will change someone's life today. I promise. It's gonna be one of the most compelling things that we it and you'll change someone's life and that's coming up about. Thirty minutes on the deck and engine for outside about plastic surgery operatives. Lucy what's going on. I ask you. Pay. And I totally feel that conflict. I graduation present laid back in the 19100 flood. All and I did it again totally however I would say that as women and younger all. Your gonna have an issue you're up at 80. If it's not your Baby Richard knows that back in at the pump now well like a lifelong struggle this kind of see how he that you are. And I feel like that's kind of like different market on the lip actually. It's really can feel you should have waited until you had a mandatory oh you should look. Did any of that sentence count what you're saying. Any time I would you it ecstatic I'm actually Margaret flooded plant but. I mean if it I mean I'll take my nose stole. And after. Even. I'm. I'm really. Yeah I mean I let him for a little while but now like. Don't do it again that. Well. I can't say that's actually great life lesson that even after the surgery may not think it's perfect. I think. Pay into that and guarantee its web site rate my shots that. Don't go there you'll get a virus to a joke people. Hi Jordan in Roswell high you do NK Jordan are very good so you pairings. You don't you think it's strange that her parents would write a check for that. Yeah yeah I mean she eighteen in your average order her body I if I really strange hair would be willing to pay for that. I mean he had the money and she can afford it I mean I think you should hear it play. I mean I feel like it would be operated I would I like hearing the case earn it edit their. Would be awkward to ask them to pay for a nose job like the last caller. Arm and a little less awkward play. I don't I don't think of any help I wanted to get Arctic surgery I mean they would support me about something. I would need to work hard it is the money or get it now. Yes that's something I should not your parents. Can you guys imagine he's like no matter what the opinion is I agree with it. So I can get right you have to put you write you an appointment like I can't decide. Can you imagine Jen sitting down with their dad and asking him for that is now a team. No way. The way they have no that's that's why it with my friend it's a mother daughter thing and on this Stanley's wealthy enough that a he's not gonna notice. Oh no notice his buddies. Paid Jordan what's at noon in the bank account out. I Jordan did the same thing for her daughter. Take Jordan. Oh Julie sorry to you at a time out Julie you know this industry and daughter. Good decision or bad. In the great decision and she had a lot of anxiety. (%expletive) that. Also extremely intelligent straight days never made at the inner life and those are very key game. You know individuals and and I heard this it was a very positive light stated she went to college confident that the and is extremely successful today and that's have been more than ten years. So you don't feel like you're sending the wrong message to her or anything like that. Absolutely not and she is. She had no issues and let her appearance today she's not a good friend codes are none of you know it was just that was an issue for her and and it and it doesn't matter what people think of you whether you like. People are still Collins and all I keep the conversation on our FaceBook. And people can and when I am but I don't think you're ever gonna come to terms that is he would say you're battling. Yourself you're battling. Yeah the use of appearance. To. To bring happiness and the confidence. To win the independent woman hey if I want to do this I should be able to do it. It's it's they ego and aid. Isn't it it's that inner conflict because I have I had conflict about my myself with plastic surgery and doing things like that on one hand I wanna do it on the other hand. I wanted to show my daughter's you don't have to do it. Yep you and your arms. Totally so it's switches on this young guys. So yeah.