Listeners Tell What They Broke of their Ex's

Thursday, July 21st


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Full time this week she's on this not now. It's my friends and show them. Mickey in Dallas. Yeah tell us what you destroyed. How much it was worth approximately. And how do you destroyed it. And then when it and then we'll try to decide whether or not your relationship survived now. I. I burned all of that goal and our yard. Well. I mean youths and we use say all of his clothes you mean on. I'm Rick could I lived. In the house at the time yeah. Well I'd asked Nikki is the countries Iran. And. Eight in so and I could even begin aghast when somebody's wardrobe. I'll Szymanczyk couple thousand. Everything out what about shoe ads include issues. No he didn't and it has been sued in British art work as well. I was. I learned from on the front yard hang that's amazing and can you tell us why you burned them. The college he wanted to turn away with a Earl ray. Ha. I'm gonna go with you are not altogether yet there's no way because it gives the burning of the clothes like native was in a barrel in the backyard. That's like this that's again. Massa yeah that they are in the right art called Ayers a Vietnam. Now I can paint it with a bit and now there's no way used them yet. I actually have a diet they're old pattern the trying to work out a pitch. All you guys. Talk. A I. Don't think I'd play most I'm and Richard that's the day. Now. You've got the call. And I by. Like music media out there at the peak some hours close. Jet engines. Not Laurie. I'm Laurie tell us why you destroyed. About how much it was word and how you do it in and will try to get it. Unload the current Asian flu and couple hundred dollar. And it means that and prayed it would hair spray and then. To make sure it wasn't going to pork and a different kind of match. Did you did you reassemble it or did you just I don't know how I learned a little England late you don't play the game you wouldn't want it. I I think you're still together as I'm happy. Together. I know there are not even cut. Crew linking you know they. On a concrete lead early I don't think about oil revenue or it. I'm guessing you have other stories. Caller of the you. Know that literally I mean I got married someone else. I. I'd but I am. They're urging you say hi this India I'm actually writing down as if nothing. On crazy in the planning new book I love it because. Those are going to be war. Hey Cynthia worry conference on him. I court Cynthia why did you break and about how much was it worth. Well I gave and my father watched and I had a I had it actually engraved. And we're arguing that are what picture so I let out all the rating in the. He rolling your wedding pictures. And use fish right. In ads I've. That's personal. Both of those. It is that you guys worked out. That secret you guys are both the equivalent of the murderer that jobs that the body and Mel's active. Now I know we aren't out yet Olympic area where there or years. Oh. And they went 0:8. I am and that the appetite. While Utley. Thirty years ago. On my game all of these secret you have merit all the trees out in the began. And days after the Collison the appreciate it. I. We'll he's sweet he's on is not known. It's my friends and show.