Listeners Share Their Kids' Meltdowns

Friday, May 13th


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It's sweet she's on this dog now. It's themselves out. Jody and Atlanta wants to make you feel better jammed about traveling to review our babies today. What happened on your flight Judy. Some like some two years old yet chronic ear infections and whenever we travel out of their lives like pat kind of bottle or that because. To help break it go kids you've been hurt. But the benefit because full orange is key in here lately and can't chew at one point should he get that cap off. It go flying into the air is like XBLA mostly they re like oh my god in play and it in the current. I loved it and settlement had a MacBook Air it wouldn't that regular no cheap black up or else but are you the MacBook. Oh Netherlands or. Did you have to pay for it to replace an hour and. He very nice I think that is Internet companies want to I think. You let us are thankfully but that would play the most horrific. Blatantly bad. It must enlighten the down the scene of that it can't imagine this slow motion scenes like in the comedy horror movies watching that cup fly over the sea and just wondering isn't in doubt summons lap. So intently and an aid their food to these sort of food and but nope this is making so much more anxious this this is not helping. Them let's bring your checkbook confusion about somebody allowed. It. Nicole Collins from rock marks up. How June oh how do you screw up traveling with the kids. I gala my daughter I'd like the only way until later that day peck says and she did they get knocked. I've bought them children mean and I favorite action. And I bracket sheet that get our that was the so during inching away ballot maybe forty crayons and until he. And that she let there's the entire. And I already seeing her like they got I got up and kill it now I I think gave her. Mile blanket Ed her blankets. I'm plan would have freaked out we've apparently did it was could be. Oh yes and total over. Yes I can't turn like into your water I have a backbone that ever hit somebody asked. So she oops. How Obama shoots its way if you get a call them both through can imagine it's only now about. Hey joy in Atlanta. He. I I don't personally I Q but. I wanna play one and Amal mother cry foul oh child you know cutie bag with dean dean had make a girl in your eye opener. That's a great idea I'm certainly not prepared for that for today but I will throw down the credit card Gillick whose who needs booze you gave just a bit like a thick cut Taylor around -- you could salvage target on the way just by a bunch of like your plugs and then it may be a little umbrella for anybody who's got a laptop around you hit it. Or you just a little laptop raincoats right now clear on exactly so when I learned to say is that wingers happy couple abuse. The rename these technologies so much stress the bra. You got this may be Charlize is not a long fly at least maybe she's your credit card for your drinks. Love rejoices in the morning and tells us we appreciate that. It's a starry night before one.