Listeners Give Lorie a Piece of Their Mind

Friday, April 15th


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Jan I'm not exactly sure why it's. Lori say to get everybody so fired up of people are fired up. Lori is getting here from some of these people talk some sense into where this guy that she's been friends with for years and years and years proposes every year on her birthday. Will you marry me. But at some point during the conversation about will he propose again this weekend for her birth name will she say yes she almost off. And I think that that was the half she called him a slot. And said that his his what is good things that were really what's great about him so he's got good credit. He's he's kind of assault he's a war when she's column a fixer upper fixer upper and then she also said she's gonna see him on Sunday night where we'll probably propose. And nine Friday night she is tight she's a day and comfort funny. OK maybe I can start to see why people are fired up. Hey Donna. Boy are you talked Hillary she's still on Avandia. Hello I'm. And never church right future and at eight walks. Are okay. Stick their upper and he exe and 35 you're adding. EXPRE. 35 it will always be Mac they. You're not kidding can't the other hanging in your pocket and Kirk you keep your eye on a mile per let me. Probably admit you don't really. I think every year you know it again quote nobody else for maybe she tell you. I think that GD. You're the hell are you married him I want you are about him yeah. Thanks for the call that. Kind of selfish that's gonna let Lori responds. Yes sure he Lori you wanna respond to Donna. Ridiculous and whatever it. I actually called and a by hundreds of men hey Laurie Lotta people wanna talk to Tiffany and findings. And hair and I'm inclined to say that I. Hope this guy and let me and I opened the compatibility it EU eight years worth their spared the almost moon. Her merry about you people who are connected I mean her. What do you have popped right back at you like during before or carrying your boring if they didn't get credit in Wiki entry you are out but. I hope you play. That actually is a good dad Tiffany brings up a good point what do you bring to the table Lori. And I'd say and it's and it really kind of sentiments I mean it that way candidate but what do you what do what do you offer the relationship if he's a sloth audio. I'm I'm on them like I have I can ever really good job I have Austin brown and I have a really nice car. But I'd bring a lot to the table and I again in particular rapper I don't I don't want it that was someone that's gonna be just. Too you know lane on the couch all the time and not do in the yard where it is not helping teach clean the house than me he's gonna have to have. He's gonna have to commit like shut schools teach how we're going to live I mean I mean it's my it's going to be my household. Hey Jesse same height of a hurry. Her glory. Tiny. I come off on a different direction that I don't I think media like every move them. But I think your ear rattling. And that's the outlays and turned to a marriage let marriage should be that person and that that. That make you feel like you can fly doubt that keeps you grounded. Like there they are everything and they should be bearer they can't leave no they're always there. The only bad and eaten every year for mean you know. About to get techie stamp I haven't read like that and I'm telling you he'd probably bet him of abuse since the day he met here. And it's never going to be the same I'm here you just view him as a friend that. Having I can't download them but it that not a person that you need that these. I really I don't hear you should have the butterfly factor. Does he give you any butterflies he would make you feel that nervous just like excited nervous that butterfly feeling and what a what I'm so excited to have. Be with this person and how nervous and you know a what do you want them. Because he loved me and what he'll do any. David I'm I'm Laurie your wrist in the point. Let me ask a question what are you more excited about this weekend going out of their friends and Saturday are seen dude on Sunday night. Or look quickly at friend communion count that I haven't okay. Along what are you more excited about he says it about brunch and Sunday afternoon very excited about seeing him Sunday night. Well we're going to anyplace something I mean I don't. Okay all right. Stephanie you can be the last I'll Stephanie calling us from coming your morning make them I don't know I don't know I am great how are you. I girl I know well what people it's okay life. Well I think in competitor and without best that we can elude you oral. All warned lol all he's not go to not what are yeah. And just let it go out and that's yeah and it won't any now you're troops. I have friends that I would never vote or get out and I'm Oriole and then all of that I had that good. I didn't worry about there late and credit outlook. All right I've hit well you thought you. Might act a law. That he'd love yeah. My he would consider me. I applaud politely if you remember it he'd truly not your. And you don't need it you know you want him wrap him by someone that.