Listeners Give Jenn Exercise Advice

Thursday, April 14th


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He's a local call Sears local shop. What a concept are a girl's voice. It's stunning because one relive it in a world right now are I am getting changed musicals and it is. I. Little bit this advice I have the motivation tend to get fit and healthy and just feel better and general. I got close I got the shoes Dixon then add either so often a problem popular. But I just need to figure out what time of day do you carve it now because you have to carve it out you have to set an inside he can't. Let other things taken over but I'm having the hardest time figuring out because I feel like every time I go to exercise I'm sacrificing something else. Hey Samantha in Gainesville thanks for being impatient what do you think. I'm not my problem is whatever as soon as I get home I go immediately sit on the couch Brian no doubt that. But I have started actually getting and did got to keep going got to keep going I understand she has kids. But could you maybe get elected jogging stroller and take the kids quicker you can never start you rarely let the kids kicking them exercised here. That's true you Lauren is now three she just had a birthday isn't it about time she learned to take care herself. Yeah cook honey I'll be back in a few minutes mommy's hotel for a job at the baby. No I know it if she can take care of the baby hey right out of my parents and earned yeah previously. I didn't even think about Afghan idea hey guys Timmy Cain College Park. How. Hurry out well OpenId well why do you think you can't let it act. Now what I do it agri get up a bit but we have done it came an at wire. I can't seem like a thirty minute lunch break but I walk around out market wire. I'm glad I don't break. And that rate there is those that's what I'm talk about we and you see where affect it to me yeah that's what that's where. You Jan in your competitive kid yourself competitive to check in your mind. You're going to you gotta love that fit that because you'll be sitting there working Alaskan islands at 15100 steps. And then you just leave especially when the weather's like this and walk over that little garden thing that bridge was in the pictures. That's walking distance from there a pack and back stamina welcome back. And the earn more steps more steps and I feel like it. Like she said is it good idea of breaking up. Right like she doesn't fifteen minutes thirty minutes and fifteen minutes I I think it's kind of cool that that's how she fits in her scheduled election isn't half an hour or two hours and whatever else. And from ladies that I would love to know. Is I got out a way to achieve that tends IRS lately something I'm like yeah we got cut cut. I knew my ladies. Is is it's wise you know like you go work out. And take a shower and be worked in fifteen minutes. You don't mean place you're look at your hair it's in you know rainy. A for women I'm just wondering what do you do with the eighties weary hand opponents all the music sacrifice. Expect that part I mean I'm I'm OK with that that super vein but. You know we have to make up we get your hair and it is known singers is a lot more of getting ready. And then the word I got here like sweating in the middle of the day just go back to work sweating I guess well. I did yeah passage and like I mean not a lady but. I'd. I think that solution is if you are working out and you can tighten up your legs and your Arabs. The reason we're here hair since the program. The plant's second. Off it's hey Tim and Peachtree City thank you for less than. Greg how jet out. That he I I ticket or he wouldn't that's fine until we get old after work at the heart go back out with a kid so I like to stop on the way home. And yeah today I am companies that we Q would create we are stuck around at my house. Takes you know reluctant outwards not and you get only to be the period and you get it to. That's a great idea. I have to let go of the guilty feelings to the idea that I'm like that's one less than spent well. You know and I'm saying I wouldn't let it all guilty in my head. But I am a great comment on base that so far from in the Shawntae she said schedule it start at thirty minutes today. Treat it like an important meeting I think that's really great another sorry that's right Erica Leonard says after the kids go to bed mornings are way too hectic. Isabel same thing at home after Kato's got a bad so. It seems it seems to me like you guys are getting in and I mean I should be tried that I'm always idea schedule your schedule a schedule it okay. I would say delegates Mara NCA Democrats. Morning we just Ngo and made a huge right now hi. How they catch the five K go and advertise departed. It haunts me get hot.