Listeners Give Alli Advice on Her Boyfriend

Thursday, March 31st


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Lots of choices in the morning. We appreciate that. So starry night before one. 731 we're talking Alley this morning who. Don't want ally that her boyfriend Jason has been telling for about a year. When they first started dating he to get a master's degree in statistics. But in reality he doesn't have a college degree at all much listening master's degree and she. Found out about it because of Easter she ran her cousin. Who into that same problems. It was your cousin right Alley that I get that right. Right yes so and then cousins husband works at the college still of research and found out Jason actually never went there are so. Even though they've been together about a year you guys are saying I love use right. Are you feeling like maybe it's time they go back. So we definitely need your advice on is alleys asking for your prices well for a 474194. Under. Hey Maureen welcome to the shaft and armor so are you. Problems that quote they're out there hideouts and you know. As I ain't it luckily they let them elect I went in and out of college or eight yeah I had a doctor out. Redmond just pitched. Quote. I think Holloway. I mean I'm married get I didn't betting college for a while it didn't happen back slur hey now doctor. Yet. They paid by by that by year's same logic. Mariano. Just by your same logic I have driven to 85 several times so I'm basically and NASCAR driver. Wait how. Oh OK perfect I'd rather keep Italian Marines says this day so that once day we'll see amigos yet again I Michelle in Chamblee and Michelle. Won't pay. Break up or make up what do you think. My first incarnate and break out because that he's comfortable enough lying about something that they. He's comfortable about lying about things in the future and that can cause problems in the relationship. That's a 1000000% what I thought has doesn't make you pay Alley does that make you second guess. Everything that he says. Are currently operate and. It's such a he would I'm fascinated by the fact he picks such a weird degree. But a Matt and maybe this is he out of Philly is impressive I'm guessing. And you your response to that must have been so great that he just kept going. You don't need another first that she was hung on our columns so impressed by Yale into the isn't that is working and I'm I'm back. I know what this solution is. Molly Ameritrade every call managers a segment Alley here's my idea right Molly her Alley you need. To find a statistician. But maybe there's one listening rate now. And just give you all this like statistics theory. And stuff in and you just need to start dominant on them and watch him panic. That's what you need to do you have one witness hey Molly in Jackson without. I'm saying that he should break up would send a blank line. Can say if he'd lied about it a whole relationship and have talked track it'll happen. Yeah on a trashy enough and I there's one for eight to forgo. Brooke and Douglas veil. At the lately bright app let parents that as it he finds out that you met in the late parents. Then on and I read he's going to be a couple of lying about an out in Yemen say well she they'd let me but that. In happy in play and tried early earth. And yet you're not gonna get beat here back in there's someone out there that you are already asked Ian it will not be that he hack Caleb. That's again you know what and it makes sense and she Bennett says seventy high tail it hi I have an out of that. Julian merry and a beloved. Hey I like eating it I feel that actually on data medical school. And he didn't tell me that corrected that the very thing. I can see at which are getting a degree and that school kinda he lied about being in school previously. Didn't they kick him out. And then I was still trying to be nights thinking am I am. And then and that it lying about it making it about seven years older cities anyway. And at that point like how many more like my an addict I hurt you. So your advice Aliyev run for your life. Kitty who about it. What you're saying Julia statistics say he's gonna lie again. You can't lie about lay he can't lie about being in medical school. That's force they break up one says and there's no more and they enjoyed breakout first they let them. You can break that record and the pathological liar he lied and actually fairly over the course that the year. Not mentioned he think house for eight years and we don't aren't docked there. Okay he can pay my Iraq in Atlanta break up with them or stay. Absolutely break and I I think I think the masses have ruled Alley. Six to 16 the wind so and by your not a voice and you were telling the story it's all of slinking out ready statistics ready Alley half. Yeah I think you've got to leave them. Are handling the mark of this arrogant or rock and hard to do all them sorry. If you do it anytime in the near future can you call us back in tell us how Atlanta because it I'm just curious and of these penetrated and all right appreciated thank you share your story list. School. Thanks for being a part of it. Job selling people line.