Listeners Forgot Their Kids and Were Forgotten!

Thursday, April 21st


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It's a local call. To your local Shia. What a concept during world war he's. It's. Funny farm one Brian calling from talker wherever you forgotten. I was led to build out our what do they are so long now and you'll never forget it you know absolutely not. Heavy manipulated your parents and giving you things just because of the act. You know I don't know I don't know I but they're very I was water eight kids growing. Some of staying a bit but there's been at our. Got all the way home or they regard that I would not in the car. So high when you do that go half while days it's down mount mes like others find. Well. What should he edged toward the car was far bigger police were drinking they get well. They're coming back I need. I certainly didn't know. So how how long were you there. Well must been a couple hours go to please direct detract big big bet your PlayStation and call my parents. But let's just chilling cold you know although Venezuela actual work. So they have no idea they left you or they did realize it and figured and oath again. Well archer hours you get all widget code and are just realized. What I heard what they got all. And bait dog to play sports partly out our live here where are big too big. We know left and all crime now we've got tennis and has. Is that you have forgotten about vineyard basically told the fend for yourself. Can drag did you can even live there any event with eight kids EU can't keep your. Hey you online if you're one of those eight let's create out of trade alleged have you heard about the kid who lives in the woods of stone mountain park. Parents left him there is moved into the woods never went home. Paying me and Brian Hill steal from your picnic. It's arrives. Morgan and Logan though it's up. Yes I'm a little bit child that a black. My mother works at that they can't senate that. I like this issue at like eight months pregnant. I'm middle child and I art he had middle child and germ and she let me that they care. And went home. The daycare where she worked. Yeah. Farrakhan and yeah and his team. Is gonna do it forever excuse. I was the last kid Leon sat in the hallway like. Recant the comment I sat there waiting on her relief well Sheila early and it was like 640 guys that. Director was like why did you don't you can and Mike. I don't know you'll its. Loans that they keep borrowing crying she thought oil wells I've never actually get it it's like I said I in the middle child. Did you own that just said this in people's voices. I was never ran I was an only child's there was a lot of negative mean the only line. Hey Stacy called from Rome where you forgotten. Although the Lakeland pathetic that my mom had been used her and I worry it could lead take another person that and I forgot to add BM says. At low blood there and Leo I'm ran into the gate as they are pulling out a whole like they get halfway out before they realized that I am not let them. So you're running down on five play after the car. Yeah late like at the globe's Adam and let the dog that gets abandoned at the farm you know about it here now dog and the dog states. I'm so sorry they and he you know again comparing kids and dogs in things page shared an Alpharetta where you've forgotten. I'm actually I was eat forget are not forget he eyed the law. So you can get hesitant to pay you'll feel better just get. Yeah every day afterward target of a rifle pick my son looked a little caught back there. And two weeks ago I went straight out loud in the kitchen there. Given around my husband and every were foreign and already ordered the bowling. Alley. You remembered your leg before children and it was just a multi use. If I'd gotten the cart all the they have the right or bad that I need this seniors event that he was back setting unified and I. Totally lied about traffic sorry let cool. I want to and. I. A deli and can you can be the last content. Yet hmmm me particularly. The left that church. And that you like to be fine there and got to take hereditary that we had another school class coming up in the middle bleed red and youth group you're fine. OP we have I think all of the five so they would rally to get everyone church. Today. Somebody would think that the other limit they have to break just a great. You be watching your friend. You're their parent would get them at all at any can't K. Yeah putting that the church well we we love you down we won't have a pretty. But yet it was I mean it's easy to do I think. Good luck with your kids check and could always count is one. I'm hoping to get there.