Listener Megan Isn't Happy With Us

Thursday, November 3rd


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. I'm word is Jan we have an important call today from Megan Megan. Welcome to the show and what can we do for you. Aren't painted and we'll. It actually if I'm being perfectly honest I am as frustrated that you guys aren't talking politics. I don't really understand. Well we just figure everybody's kind of made up their mind by now and we're not change in anybody's opinion by talking about it so. Let's just make people mad and give Cleveland a bad name it. I mean they're kind of undecided voters don't know where they'll and in their start time and it's your obligation and radio and other. Anything right that's your job to do that. Well I I think. I honestly I'd I don't think there are a lot of undecided voters and we actually talked about this last week like it would. Almost be challenging to find someone who hasn't. Decided yet because the two main candidates are so polarized. I'll go what about all the people who. Blue light are leaving it about our Internet your job to convince people to vote. Is seen as our job honestly I scared novice. Be entertaining and Tenet and people you know on their way to start their day at work in the morning and stuff and Lisa it is our jobs encourage people to vote I mean we think it's a great thing. We certainly think ever you go out and vote but I think talking politics this is so divisive. They ate there you commander at public airwaves you like you have that public. I mean taxpayers pay your calorie that he media and the public it on. We'll taxpayers dump that salary we we we get our salary from the company that employs access. And then that company get their money from advertisers. So there's floor routines and airwaves. Let's license to the radio station yet. There's no root there's not really a lot of taxpayers involved. How do you spell. During an election cycle it's your responsibility. Well here's the thing because I think that that would be pretty presumptuous of us. I think it's actually irresponsible. For our random radio DJ is to go on the air and talk about who you should vote for and why and I mean. And less used to a political news talk show I just don't think it's a place to tell people that vote for. And you bet on any. So many to mention is that. Here's the thing Megan is that we recognize. Your Smart. And your intelligent and you're gonna come up with your own opinion and your own choice for motive for no matter what we say on the radio about it. And I want militant I don't know that the New York satellite latency let anti abortion but. I don't wanna half. Oh but then and other yeah. We're not going to talk about. That story is that a show where Jen tells stories about. Her kid you get down her favorite sweater and we go and take parenting for real lower. We may get phone column a feat of prank phone com Leo laugh at some. We tell stories. I like you don't. You don't talk about other things that. Aren't bad and your broadcast I mean how can you clear up front after the announcement apple politics and you know issues that are more meaningful and device seven are gonna get them people up. And he had I don't know the end. We hope to be your friend that's really means that we've said now we've. We cover. Highlighted new stories in our 2 segments in the morning. And other than that is why he's gonna make everybody match. We just feel like they're gonna. You can't make it you can deny what's actually happening to the economy people. And it's dull we're not your job description. We're an overnight Matagorda and I think it at all we're acknowledging it. We are acknowledging. That. Everybody's very contentious about this election yes and they also are acknowledging the electoral exhaustion. Everyone's experiencing. So tired. Yeah I guess. Sorry but thank you again thank you for calling. RAI. That's the equivalent I mean is honestly the equivalent of calling like dominoes and saying don't live from me a falafel. Right this horrible lock wheels are all the rage in totally missing from. Log an awful lot to me and I I can sit around a lot today I mean I know. Where she's coming from that she thinks it's really important and I just think she was understanding our philosophy around wanting to. Be a solace from all the political talk. Right so I well. Thanks for listening to so listening mag and you know him apologies to anybody feels the way you do about it. I'm no politics politics trees down damage contentious. Hey pat welcome zap. Hey applied to cheer about you know lack modern family ordered crying bladed targeting police Stuart yeah direct. What I should meet. The bull (%expletive) like you know latest I should hit over the oil problem I mean we. Late now. All right I imply then that you travel. Eight thanks. As they are going to Asia. May arrogant that you had there on them and as a working mom and Larry I didn't appreciate it yeah. You are bent not. It's not important ball. A little. And it and it lets us off the let's something look a little bit. Because we don't have to be Smart. We you'd. And a different Megan on the found him again. It isn't and not likely end thanks you're and I just wanted to say exactly like the lady that was calling complaining about the cash. All know that wasn't the cat lady I would remember the aptly. Everybody sounded a similar and Gwen Hewitt they know that you're dot broadcaster and like Clinton it. Ain't all that you're dot Ed you know. And journalists. Ever important news. It's right yeah as I have enough people who don't like our show I have learned and learning pace than it was a cat ladies need to remember. Yeah I can't remember. What areas that their kid that people who dislike our show. ID to dislike it because they have way too high expectations of us and may be an issue like you call yourself a journalist now and explain me down I'm Anthony good thanks drag and star in 941.