Listen to the Signs: It's Not too Late for Amanda

Friday, April 29th


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10. The jet engine shop. Hey Rachel welcomed the Jim Jim Jim black tape went up. You know I didn't bring this morning and when I heard they were looking for ferry that I had my. I only got. I think I got married a year ago I now support Apple's. Yeah yeah yeah are designed. My bag our planet payment Jerry Martin with just like I'm the first one I'm a neat people aren't wet at twenty Latin I'm. Yeah you know I had an emergency you can out. I have. Yeah that pretty it I know I ignored the apple fine but on the label AME she that they don't. Are all dressed ready got ready to get Mary. And when I want they discovered that he had he has had blurred added that. That Palin I'm Daryn that scene in the back like fifteen cover your. Car out. Yeah I'm I'm not picking that I had forgotten that we are okay. And he was sitting there with. You know his plan and that's about critics inside and I. Art. And your divorce now and I'm the court that he that he would not make fact that you went to the alternate route now. It went it went. Well. The number. Thank you hey. A man that welcome to the Jack's intention. I thank you hello hello says some signs that you may be should have ignored it because it didn't end well. Among national than science. I'm actually implemented yet I think and what a lot. Fear getting a little what are the signs the U. Well oh my my boyfriend and actually actually can actually and he. It's just that but yeah that happens it won't won't Wear their national let the ball. Days weeks ago we have they hit the eastern twelve you know it is supplement. Information. And when that about we yes people and the little red wine all over it and I'd do it again which. I'm not that funny enough that you know nothing by it. And the next thing that happened the way it's. Well so he said he thought about and bring that dog and we have to do a puppet puppet you know. And so that check that you wrote fell out of the car and blew it on the street and I didn't mean it wouldn't should be only. Neat thing to do it on the street which is that puddle that I have puddles on the stat watching a car and who can. So I'm not a purple that that we have died and. Maybe you guys are just really bad with paperwork infant thinking. Maybe we're not looking at it sign it tapered down yeah. Maybe they heard that really caught. I hope that it. It format. Actually orbiting planet. Well queen size bed and you know wicket that my that is you know I've had several put them up and so we thought that's our. Own. The ball it's delivered and it's such plans. I told. It's my and it will be ticket back in the back of my one and all I'm dependent unpacking it and it is we got a hat board choose. And the home port is like completely cracked and broken and we hadn't thought what better. On them packing up and bringing it all back and. Like why is this so hard studies are mall multiple signs that may be the tier now are you guys. Are you like and luckily is as the guy gonna marry. In theory. I'm you or. I didn't. I think what now I hope but I will only it didn't hear you I hit it only happened one other. Boyfriend. Let let Eric I don't do that really quickly night that's really it's important to me that that's a big deal and so. He's. He really great and and it. But you've got to thinking what all these things happen and right now did you recognize them as signs maybe you shouldn't move then or did one of your friends are like you're my. Coincidences here. Well I. I was telling my friend about it I mean I've been thinking about it because there and it had quite a matter of days you know how went back to back so it. So much else happened and I was laughing about it and mark and I let that flag red flag. And. When it's actually supposed to moving isn't this weekend. What but tomorrow. I we are now. It really detect and media on Monday and find out if it went well and I was sales may be by the action insurance from the movers and but just like drop everything you. And oh. Arrival Qaeda Monday night and I went okay. And I think. Yeah yeah.