Listen to the Signs!

Friday, April 29th


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You know Michelle should really be called the jazz and chanting you show those we can't do it without you. Looks from world war 719400. Things to make. This dollar and 941 that. The universe are sending you signs that you should really pay attention to you right I think a lot of us ignore those signs and just move forward with plans anyway which is the story that happened to one of my friends so. Maybe if you wanna get in on this for a 47419400. When you ignored universe. I would love to hear from you bet. A friend it's actually really like a friend of a friend of a friend of mine and it sort of this legendary stories so it's one of those that gets passed around a friend group cash. But there were Sony signs before she got married that she should not get married to this guy that she just ignored. And eight it was throughout the entire. Planning the wedding process. But right towards the end it was when it was like OK you cannot minorities anymore okay. She got an anxiety attack at her bridal shower but rarely was like laying on the full floor. Like trying to carry these Drew Brees threw away the Alley they had to calm her down and she sort of blamed it on like in Hannover I just hours on feeling ghetto Oakland on Mac. At the rehearsal dinner night before the wedding she broke out in hives. Can dangle. If physical reaction to that rehearsal dinner all the right things he Sherry Sherry okay everything else and I think it was the maid of honor that the doctor like. You don't have to go through a slight we will we'll just I'll talk your parents like will get in the car bulges. Moses got right you don't have to do this in Marley having somebody actually had a art department Henri because rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding so and so yeah senate won't get that car and I will drive you to a safe yeah Alley we will just go on my girls Chad like it's okay we do you don't have to isn't that annoying. He uses do lotion and I machines and held I think you know may be in the skins right now to back. OK two more things that I really crazy so you have to get those trolleys. To go to the wedding yeah you know so like everybody gets ready and Larry Alec may be get ready -- well and then like everybody takes that bridal party takes its like pretty trolley that gets you over which. Archer whatever. The Charlie broke down. While they were on it a while they're on it yes and then this. It's okay what does that have to let sounds like urban legend but I actually know the girls so I know it's not he is and the last thing I've a question about the trolley reg yeah so the trolley stalls yeah the entire bridal party on it yeah so did they like they had to wait and the company sent another one. So they're all just gotta stand there and their taxes and that is like somebody had to send back. And then the next one the blast seeing is that. At the church they're getting ready for and like a huge storm comes through monsoon coming through and the lights went out. While that rate there you're in a church in the power goes out rabies free get married him that's got. Doesn't mean I guess like the final like gods didn't ditch effort is they do their job. If you're in my house now I can shut the lights out clicked but they they did anyway I'll got married anyway she pushed through it and I think she's a married. But pretty miserable. Do you like the clock taken. Probably that's yeah. 40474194. Hundreds the topic then where we're at him for his. All the signs were there writes I ignored them. They definitely should have 4047419400. We will take your phone calls next. Yeah I.