Lifetime Achievement Awards: Part 3

Friday, February 24th

If you were given a Lifetime Achievement Award right now, what would it be for?

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So yeah all us what you're listening in the lifetime achievement award which here. Which which your category would you get a lifetime achievement award and said. My plane could be making it this far with how dumb I am well and avoiding Darwin awards actually which if you don't know is really found ways to die. I'm really clumsy. And I've I have a press with any with just a few times. Can you explain. It because I doubt we don't have the kids that show into it and three don't have enough time to go into all of your stories about how you hurt yourself. How do you urge you mean how do you break a coffee mug root your face. Oh what. The other leagues hey let's trying to fix my vacuum and on my wallet I have like mudslinging from bucks a month you contingency. I got my life together I guess you can come but I've been done like six record and all the somehow IE. Dramatically enough it is so that I knocked my head into the cup and it did a solid shatter like my head hitting it against the wall. It light broke in half and then like off the hook and then decide shatter relevant floor and out of cycle that was that was just me trying to clean and. That was you with your head though which you have gotten pretty good of command with stitches please. She gave agreement badly it's aged off and Uga right now we know what I was back yelling yeah I was violently back and that's. And then tells all this just China it's my foot with my other foot. You bell also this I almost did Els they came on bankable fingers at delight my friend helped me get back up it is is because like my leg was edginess to finally use the other ski ages owes an idiot a young engineer so tiny you. I imagine you and does he lived. Operator and dizziness or little babies sick just falling out. Airline ordered this year out. Hi how are you good welcome to the Germans and Jews lifetime achievement awards which are category. Well I would obviously win for over you know I think every TV episode of the walking yet. You're deluded Walking Dead fan panic oh yes. So we have really day every day based. Do you visited the set and like over analyze this set as well. Oh yeah oh yeah it would theory and how I mean yeah actually Red Cross strait each other so. You know we when they I think they were actually made filming part of the hot we're rare. But AB DJ Gerry you lose your you're here today though. Yes each year of the that's obviously and watch the. By Thomas congratulations on your lifetime achievement award what's a category. All being well. Abu okay. But what would be an example of something you'd find yourself clueless about. A home will forgive what summit to there was talk to me about what seen. Basketball weight on in Juba organized here about ten minute doses of us. It doesn't go looting go wage war re talking about. There are no closures and since these candidates. I think everybody pretty good. But there are parents who god you ask me out with your partner that they give you ought to call like where our guys are brought it. Got like a series of wired into his own words speaking it's. No idea. Isabel welcome to the show hurry you know. I don't play great welcome to the Gemini and show lifetime achievement awards when he got. Seems yes. I have to he every thirty minutes. One time I went on they road trip with my quarry. And after fourth stop I got cut off like it might pregnant or may it may make her that she had. Because you get pregnant. And the elderly company that I got hurt it say that she had other rescue. The had to recruit. Like people to life you just have three or bladder. As and I almost peed on me at my sophomore at idol. And and you know how long hi I read my cheek. Yeah. On that note that Isabel we're gonna alleging goes he can use the bath can maybe go get a check out. They lose Iran and yeah. And young star ready for one.