Lifetime Achievement Awards: Part 2

Friday, February 24th

If you were given a Lifetime Achievement Award right now, what would it be for?

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All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. About lifetime achievement awards is the awards ceremony was happening right now when you're being honored. What would you get a lifetime achievement award means. Hi this is it just caught up instead it. Not knowing how to use newfound Erica it's her kids get her a new phone and she is lost she's like it that is correct the flip phone world. Madonna's trying to push the buttons that Julie. Always get stuck with the blue screen of death on every computer she touches. And her acceptance speech she thanked her boyfriend he works and I'd see India fixes everything that she screws up. I JP what are you got. Let's say cramming in absurd amount of things into every weekend for consecutive weekends you are you'd you are busy Fella and and now is that you or is this new because of Heidi. It's new because Heidi but my mom also leaves economy digging a fund but Heidi puts me to shame with how on the go she is too. Got a tiny schedules here finally just Bosnia so much fun you have to schedule. Like we got a volleyball tournament then I'm gonna cut dinner and that are addicted dog being groomed and the whole tournament board game night with some polls and and then all of a sudden sisters and I also got a big earth it's just like where did all this problem. Your fiance is FaceBook page exhausts me I've I've looked at her page and needed an -- True story. So it's the L word ceremony here in the Japanese game show hardest handing out lifetime achievement awards all Willy Nilly. Jamie's getting one Jamie welcome to the show. Hey guy ain't the only got I. Well here. But your lifetime achievement award in Jamie. I guess just the overall it would be eaten. Being the most caring person anybody has ever made it like everybody did those shots didn't eat but I have a hidden agenda with how tight I am. So you you like scary nice. I think Gary I know I had that very late. Nobody has ever airline eight. Met somebody that goes so far out of the airwaves for other people and like it to the point it like I'll be up say it but is wrong is you're happy I'm happy. That's cool they totally humiliated that I am so mom that's an ambulance here at greatest season. I'm pretty good. Idea. How. Gunman is seven now see if we don't have a biased one minute mortgages MEI Yang Collins amenities they get them rabbi. You don't have to Galileo Albert. They viewer nice pass here really nannies. In just edit you thanks Jane. You may not agree or maybe I'm fine. It's yours they're hungry. Katie welcome to the shall pay aria did welcomed our award show where everybody gets a lifetime achievement award. I am I think no one I would it would be finger Owen Lei who art nothing. Costs so people are things. Out out people that like friends liberty and you name it anything. Who is bill who is the last over the top Sandra experience he had. Much well I don't like you know you Zachary Levi is cheap and act on chat. I've met. I met him had he time. It's just one of those I really topped its. That's ridiculous it is good. Do you crying Indian banks are you sweating so nano yet but squealing happiness. Overjoyed just in bears being dirty secret stuff are you and what's this got Zachary Levi aim when choosing and he went on a so called shot on ABC am admitted laden twelve so let he's like a couple of maybe it's substance then but yeah. It's sort you like are you look around seeking him out at some sort of chuck stand. Can't answer saying areas like you is he just the guys slicing your Turkey at the public's countering Muehlegg. And he. PX hold an event in Mitt and Mike really become a timeout thing Diego. And so it's like we're charity staff and so mile out there and on our brand last year it was just it was ridiculous it was and now they're very sound. I Katie you get the word for fame girly way too much he doesn't end up Ali. I meg and welcome to the jet's engine shall. And work great congratulations on your lifetime achievement award. Well thank you I've been working really hard on it I'm like mastered the art as they yeah you're right here. I haven't gone to a science that I days and it the bears then but I'll tell you that help. How many I want my parent how many d.s in a row will you do you drag (%expletive) yeah. Yeah our guys. But I say let me where I I shall Wear a magazine by air. Those of you Don I dry shampoo is it that you use when you don't starve you shower and you just don't watch you in this hour. We like that they'll like take a shower or you know the basic hygiene but of course like you go like you know that there's. It doesn't your hair start to smell like I don't know a wet couch. Now on what started well I lit up and bite the bullet is our. I don't know how to feel it. But I like mastered you know way they like Karl that would do it I'm Bret. He waited that library created Elliott so large here yeah. Congratulations. Dragon I really appreciate it as well nine is an acceptance speech is any when you and thanks for that's. I'd like to think too hard it. Like I'm great eat all that out a vast array of options are you used I'm and tried to shout out to them you know. Perverts who bags million. Kim welcome to the damage and shares lifetime achievement award award ceremony. I'm not I think I should get a lifetime achievement award for having the worse luck though every car but it wouldn't patent good break on ounces per week. Tired and hot and actually this last week in week and a half that we're buying. Almost per kilogram cell phone I haven't the start from scratch and extend early April but it still. So you we're about to. May did offer on the house and when you called up you said. Had to offer on the house he closed on the tenth of march and are we electric called me Friday afternoon and say hey you're getting caught on fire. We don't know that image and we went on yesterday and all the younger on everything black. So fearful so you're not gonna buy a house right. I don't know what they re do I think that that they could until speak. Aren't good luck that. Eisner's speeches or somebody like to thank for having the worst I've ever. I'm I'd like to thank my great grandma coming coalitions coming every or bring in bullish luck in the east it's. All I am so sorry he's as I take him to. Say hey yeah thank you for sharing your misery that's here gun yeah. Yeah that at least appreciate that. If you ought to be a part of this. Will wrap up the jet engines show awards show. Lifetime achievement awards show next for a 46309. For. And she I'll star.