Lifetime Achievement Awards: Part 1

Friday, February 24th

If you were given a Lifetime Achievement Award right now, what would it be for?

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Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion out on star not before one. We are looking for you it's a brag about what you would get a life time achievement of full award for. Right now yep played this moment in time. Why are you. They're great yet Seles borrow Clark 2630 and I don't borrow one Euro lifetime achievement award. More gaming Europe's first I am an additional word share music. I can eat the entire road trip all around hot. Paul hurdles need the entire road trip long has Richard he never been on Morgan. Eight hour and yeah and being like eighty hour we didn't have about current adds that though I would not not to go eat affiliated gas. Doubly impressive because you if you haven't noticed our girl yeah. I now is this something is this a skill you have outside of the road trip. Like. As hypocritical technically he and other credit your idea about how much credit and there are like girl you can call our dear. I like Eli got and her. But that's a moment that you did to them that they're finally and you almost like pee your pants is even holding ever song and the anticipation of being made candy over ten mar second set but nobody needs to know that. Yeah yeah well it's an idiot and Dionne yeah. Actually. 4042630941. Congratulations more again on your lifetime achievement award. Holding your need hey. Do you wanna get acceptance speech because you have so I'm glad I'm. Our head what do you guys I didn't pick dictionary they taught me not doing it they never got thanked Peres. And at a but momma got apiece so bad no more again. And that's coming to the stage to accept her lifetime achievement award to Vanessa welcome to the jet engine shall. The higher you are getting a lifetime achievement award for whites. Never putting out folded clothes never ever. Think we'll watch them and hold them back then but I will never put enough I have piles of clean clothes all over my bedroom. So you what you don't bother opening a tour to put them away or. Going into the closet put about a shelf. You know I had a closet with hangers and dresses in the air but nothing else. That's awesome time. Is that might folded like the exhibit the T shirts these are the the tanks these are the under shirts and Mike Arianna KI a little. Piled up against the wall and in front of the Dresser that it completely unused. 4042630941. If you like to share with us your lifetime achievement award that Vanessa you wanna do a speech. 00. You don't have anywhere in a bank like who gave you this gift. I'm just thank Madonna lately there's. Thanks Vanessa. Thinking it 404263094. Wide if you're gonna get a lifetime achievement award. Right now at this moment in time what would that award. Before Kelly she's how much you. I would give BO article are falling off in the middle of text messages I am the world's worst. Texts are backer. So are you made conversation and and you vanish off nobody likes in Seattle Lyle is give as NASA is a few hours later Ike did G get my text and then the funny little means that follow and I Alley heading north and as companies are murderers. Or the where the I mean now which is the finger pointing that a motive the fingers pointing out yeah exactly. Side give a speech to prepared you are thanking him for this gift. Yeah who who you off his youth yeah I'd just I'd just like that thing technology in general. For giving me this terrible achieve the value. Hannah welcome to the Japanese and jail. And I had. They did you make for your colleague and a mom and. All lowered nice work that's impressive how old educated. People. Oh okay so what. In nineteen finally got it I I got there. Heck he had dried you know as a four year old fellow child is Karl on call ivory like a spider monkey like you're just trying to tighten up our research paper. You know actually are into that debate that he'd like they have taken article would be. Perfect all our Salmonella is your daughter. Or create a so assassinate. I'll have a good time at school today. I don't congratulations. Lays out. Lifetime achievement award going to do on a welcomed that showed Dalai and the good morning congratulations. On your lifetime achievement award what category agree or are we awarding this do you and. Blocking seat in the car. I. On the back. Elon. The answer LA. IQ and a triple A but AAA won't come any more than you use all your limitations. CN again dine. Out exceeded my limitations. Lower. O'Reilly where you are only give glory year I know the vehement and out blocked it for my kids in the car at different times. This fire department has become now. Yeah I know I'm terrible this is Greg know it. Don you won it I give a speech is any when you and thanks for this is there. Hi anybody wanna. Now let. Me personally. Yeah that would prohibit cheapest all of unlike a lot of. Congratulations on me you could thank you about it. Her neighbors are like oh don't worry not that that's just on good. As we see that delights in the driveway and trembling Jack. I'll Soros words she's 63094. Line tell us what should win a lifetime achievement award and right now. Star in 941.