A Letter From Lawrenceville

Thursday, March 2nd

Jeff posted on Facebook about a possible stand-up comedy show in Lawrenceville. A "concerned citizen" was not pleased.


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Star in 941. The Lawrence ago. All of square necked count me. Listen. There is a woman who does not want me being you are myths. I was talking to the folks at the Aurora theatre in Lawrenceville about doing a comedy show there this summer. And I just had just post is coming and FaceBook asking. Whether it anybody would come do it ranks and the city of Lawrence bell. Shared my posts. Great thank you very much city of large appreciate. One person though who who rented. Took quite a bit of. Offense at me coming to Gwinnett County because she is convinced that I hate Gwinnett County. And I am anti hate when that carries so much why you why aren't you the answer organic honey and well look should there I don't know who she emailed okay I think I'm assuming it's our current I guess it could be he. I don't know who very emailed or who. They sent this to but I received an email and I was blind copied on it so it didn't there's no two hours. All blind copy and I'd I was included. OK so I of giving you a print it out unedited copy of the email and I would like you to read it sent straight I can't really wanted to read this far we. We're on the air I can't surely the first time I've read this letter I handed jury yesterday as an industry the first paragraph of this is the school. Because I want to make sure it was like a friendly font. Don't mean in Orange NJ an amateur and stop reading it stopped reviewing it out okay. I came back the way for a 42630941. As our phone number if you. Rangel and accounting you agree with this woman Iowa happily take care of phone calls I guess would be talked added Alan. Okay. Sarah put on my angry voice is at its pretty angry and these are really angry it's just in our it's interesting okay. I'll just read you know it may concern. It has been brought attention and Jeff dollar will be performing comedy this June in Lawrence now. I'm writing to formally request that Burnett county bar Jeff from having to show anywhere in the county. In early 2010 while broadcast on land that's an interesting point when did this happen when this week. 2010 and early twenty tenths of that seven years seven years ago. While broadcasting on radio station WW WQ duller insulted going that's iconic loved and missed water towers. Which you met travelers on 85 as they entered or exit our county. While listening to a traffic reporter mentioned that the removal of the two legendary tanks had begun. Dollar made many remarks including. Quotes. Does this mean going net is no longer great. Quote success might live here but the water towers don't live here anymore and quote. Dollars all. I just have courage resume contacts I can enroute if remember these Watertown. Is you can forget what that is great write the beloved in the whatever they were painted. With slogans one of those slogans is when it is great. You know and was successful as he ranked. Yes yes. Dollar also suggested that the water towers be kept in place. And fills with white and red wine so drivers could gravity pink when there was a standstill traffic nearby. That's a great candy I know the fifth and there's broad impact in and the Alicia. I I think everything in that jet I don't. Do we really want someone performing and our community that semi colon. Wonders if we are no longer great because the absence of water towers. Encourages it drunk driving by suggesting that the towers serve as a roadside bar. Once to promote our traffic congestion issues along 85 north corridor. I was listening to his new WS TR FM show on Wednesday march 1 2017. Yes and he remarked that he had a Georgia peach past that allowed him to use the left plains of 85 through our canny. As he discussed this he's going to see a suckers as a way to indicate that he cannot wait to be out of our economy. I continued. Hostility. You guys you remember that hasn't asked and you know you'd know. Larry Isner talking. I'm paying to go to the front line that. Papa John's. And you're like yeah how okay because I pay that told today you are presently in on 85 right now I pass on the cars race then it's not especially. People. Did can't give them as partners. As you know those water towers were much loved and are tremendously missed by all the commuters who because. Com boom because comfortable seeing them every single day amnesty type there. We are still mourning their absences. And while we understand it was necessary to have their permits they should not be desecrated. By broadcasters. In the name of comedy. Lol. I for one will not BS hisha. And I am actively searching. But he like minded growing nations to join me and a protest of the event it should be allowed to continue. I put my toe had approached a little bit of the event should it be allowed to continue. It is not too late to take action keep Jeff dollar out of Gwinnett County thank you concerned Cornet resident and I had to advocates. I I just realized how well she is a couple months later on this because we're just a jingle jam. An infinite energy arena we tell Gwinnett County got so where were you then. How Victoria welcome to the show. Playing Mario raid Harry you wait on from. Actually I'm Clement and now what I can't and I talked Justin Jan is I do not like you. Not only yeah yeah it's just that Carolina might. I'll let you guys every morning and I'm at and I don't agree how are you you're definitely can he had an athlete I. I think you should come Andy Michelle. Why should correct and that meant that I don't hit comedy act because the point person. I think it's you know you're gonna have to contact the city of Lawrence though because this woman is going to Michaels today to create some closer to seek. Different things and I've some phone. You know I'd probably well so that it. If it's ridiculous. Well IE you know I'm. Am currently just see you know looking for water towers and social standing by now that she is brought it to my attention I would like to find. Account he cares about hydration systems are county that I. A company that I'm just gonna ideally. And old rusting metal structurally that he's going to it as it. In the future so thank you Victoria. Yeah I've. Paused bag if you ever move to a real county's top. Somewhere with water towers as a priority straight rights. And yes or no woman but this could be a guy I don't know I don't know why I kept thinking it was a woman IA and I. Sorry for the gender bias I. I I'm natural wide I assume that was but it could very well be imminent and might even the use of clinging Russians. You don't think that's a male term. I don't know if a guy would type it in north spell it correctly. I think it's correctly so anyways that's that rate there is why. Somebody does and that got me to come to Hitler so that Lucia so. Apologies bike recall from Ike. Arnold gas. I know we got to leave me alone it's. I move out a lot armored huge I. I moved here and 94 Q do a lot of trouble in 94 I thought that's stupid work out so and so stupid. Are they don't want you to change comes up with a stout and they're waiting nor. Lady. And oh what one person don't. The funny thing is funny bill. Might I don't have a problem with the sayings on the on the wiretap I just thought but it was like I was making a joke because they were taking them down and I was just making jokes. Referencing. You know the saying that that was on them I was the only thing that I was students now I am I had no problem with that silly saying so. I think I still think an ad is great except for that person. That. Centrum I would think that everyone in our area. And to quit net welcome Julia. Ross' idea because thank Rick Ankiel thank you might see Michael there. Excess I've still lives there I consider Mike success yes I detailed. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook and.