A Letter To Kelly

Monday, October 23rd

Kelly Cheese found out today that she saved somebody's life. And they wrote a letter to tell her everything, and to thank her. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Like you get a message our letter. They just stop you in your tracks need to take causing no. Wow. It weighs a moment. I'm a dead think about that reflect on it because it was so powerful and safe tell you we just got one of these letters from a listener of the Jeff. Dash out. And she had written adds. I think a while back. But didn't send it has had a saying. Ready to go and then she had a re occurring dream over the past few days in her dream. Showed a calendar on today's date. And this time eight area. He's and she feels because of a zeal is as we share this letter review. Her feeling is that because of the way things are lined up in this letter. She feels like she was meant to give it to us before 8 AM on today's date because she thinks they know. Next step in the evolution of of what we're about to share our view is happening now. So. The letter Kelly is actually TU and normally I wouldn't hand something to somebody in -- to read it cold on the air but cheers you've gotten much better with your words. The big lake Murray now theory in your sound and things out real well so. I'm somebody give this seal because it's really T yeah and I've seen just read this letter and know that the reason you're reading it right now is because she feels. It's someone her dream told her that someone listening at this time on this day. Needs to have this. I'm really. Yeah that's like oh you're telling your term merit anyway. So dear Kelly and Jack and every one of the star many Fuller. A few months ago. You shared a very personal story about enduring and eventually escape being physically violent relationship. I was listening T that day and you make me decide to get out. The night before I was choked because they TV was too loud. And my four year old son listening to because he knew something that arise that daddy said was sane person could hurt him. I feel like I was meant to hear that. So after she went to work. Both I drove my son a school like usual Len said some things I just kept going. I have my parents' house and told them about the abuse and apologize for putting their grandson endangered. And then I left because I knew you look for me there. And then tell them I was telling. Then I dread to my best friend's house and told her I loved her and gave her messages against all of my family and friends said something happens to me. And I didn't tell her where I was going. I did the same to my grandmother my house and didn't tell her when I was going. I told them and myself that I wasn't telling them where I was going because I wanted to protect them if she came after them. She couldn't threaten them turbulence so and they don't have but the reality was I had no idea where we were going. We ended up at an extended stay hotel. I hadn't totally thought through don't plan on how to work necessary care for my son and I couldn't I was too proud to ask for money from anyone help or tell you on the truth. Full house thought about suicide NFL wasn't from my son I would have been my escape. I had nowhere to go except back to him when I ran out of money so we did that may have been worsened ever gotten beautiful. And then punish and not being allowed to see my son for a week. I just seeing him on baseman pearl we might I. And why can't go any details right now it's over you was arrested on other charges won't be around for awhile and it's a blessing but it's scary. And past few days after it happened I was in my car dropping off my son at school. I was headed to work almost crying and I couldn't stop and no one to help me nowhere to go. Other bad drives my parents' house ask them to take my son when I heard just explaining. How you have to have many solar just take one step at a time and you can do many things. It was like I was meant to hear that I sucked it up and I went to work. My new boss who knew I was crying and pulled me aside. My whole story poured out of me she hugged me the whole time and promised to help me she is still helping me. I have a places say and my son is dead and I really feel like oh it's here radio station specifically Kelly she's his brave enough to share her story. She is my best friend when I had nobody has seen literally save my life and my son's thank you tell. Chess and I. Families. Move. Sorry. This craziness saying stuffed behind a microphone because you don't realize I'm in a room with all of you guys every morning. And you just don't realize here touching him. Way you're Shang and as so many of my friends come at me after that saying you shouldn't have said that patients said that it's been so long you keep bringing up and you keep bringing it out. And I say they're my friends whether or not. But they do it for that reason I bring you back for that reason so though and could come out about it and target people about. Years of my life where I was mentally and physically push around and shot down and earth. I can't believe it save somebody's if I mean. It's so heartbreaking to read but it does seems kind of feel so proud of her. That's so hard especially when you really you don't have anybody you can't tell you false at fairway your friends will say. This shouldn't be a thing you know. Freeze it feels so good about. Being able to help her and that way I'll my parents should do and hope that anybody just heard that and it hit them in the same way. They don't find that strength and that you have nobody give me if you can always reach out to me and I will be there like no matter what most timely adjustments and Wear funny when I didn't think anybody anything else. And his hand thing Arlen numbers saving Nina yes and then returning it to save someone else thinks I'm shaking. Good hit me hard I'm sorry. So I meant by that sooner once might get a message that just stuff senior tracks and said this letter certainly did that. And I think there's always a reason for. Everybody to come into everybody else's life at the time they do. Usually open to receiving that and I don't think it's a coincidence. Then she heard your statement on the air when she needed to hear it and then a few weeks later hurt us referenced the keep moving forward. Montrae that we talked about on the show so much can choose plenty of that and I think she was so compelled. Buying. Those things that when she dreamed of handy new this letter. At 8 AM on October 23 today now. In fact I'm she thinks there might be somebody else listening needed to hear so. It she's she's the one who wrote but I think you probably saved a lot of people there honestly I want Haas thank you so much. Upton and young star ready for a one. And that's all morning. Sanchez you're just joining us we had a letter from Melissa are thanking Kelly for opening up about. Getting out of an abusive relationship because Kelly sharing her. Her story helped her and she wanted us to read this letter today because she felt like someone listening needed to hear it today at this time. Well I've posted the body of Kelly reading that letter online and Casey you didn't hear the whole thing side it was just day. I think coincidences right there are just meant to be where she happens to be listening to our show and a few different times. When. It's spoke directly to her to start with and then we I mean we didn't think earlier called would you say to your mouth. Whatever that is definitely what we need trashed her toddler we have fun or whatever but every now and again we go down a more. Serious. Route a more personal ground more personal and passionate lives and sometimes that is how. I'm happy thing sometimes is a funny thing and sometimes it's really real and I think when you the most raw as when you connect with people the most and clearly Elise is letter to Kelly absolutely phrase that. What I'm just read the last few lines of it. Ahmed says. This and I have a place the same my son is good I really Cilic showed you radio station specifically Kelly she says right now to share story. She is my best friend and I and nobody and she literally saved my life and my son's pay Brannon and Hiram. Climbing into a safe and keep that Kelly she did I say. Actually they're tired I had actually been ordered me and I went to the same thing. And I had bad. And then made a year but I had good years and has been in jail. Bird retired is not a highway Al and my kids were the ones get her Laura and I. So. Knowing that and the and. Like I had and it lives. I want anytime you need Terry each are especially in a town where he's. Men jail and that's scary questions are coming from everybody if you ever need anything please HRA semi anybody listening needs anything and don't hesitate 'cause. I know it's like to finally have that house and non I had health and anyway how wealthy. So thanks for sharing your story coming. Color decisions you. All like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.