Lets Get Physical

Thursday, January 26th


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In case you haven't heard it today we look down. And no one noticed that colonies on enhancing the discovery of the championship show star and 841. The goal line in. Now joined says I she is driving through Buckhead and she is a mystery. That we need to help her solve that she needs your help tip they dine. OK so on every point that every morning but in the morning in Buckhead right corner of each stream or on the road. This guy works out he dragged the white track. Where is this again peach tree in Roswell in bringing each scene right in the heart of Buckhead peachtree improbable road work on together. Yes I'll write a computer rate the front about the inner OK got it that's right. Right at a quarter their right that it hit about arc a cash. He he parks and white truck I'd never actually seen him unload and equipment but he unloads whatever equipment you gonna work out on that day a stationary eight. Sometimes that you'll be like elk. Week you know like you have on weight lifting table or my top you don't talk and I sort of way to they didn't. And today even on the treadmill I mean. It every morning I don't know why we. And finally they have pulled up close and up etiquette get a decent experiment but I have thought about you guys ever it center great all so worried at. Figure out a lot of what motivates them I didn't go there. Yeah. All I comrade. A lot of after a workout in itself the degree that are all the equipment right there. You drive right at the same exact time everyday. Yeah. He's there for early in the morning. So if you come later he's not there is Don irony I don't know what kind of work I did you know any do you notice sent someone down there tomorrow at 715 that. You lithium. Have you noticed any pattern in the days that these that he says he's not there every day so well. No he is only because I don't come every day at ten that makes sense like I'm not always. And that becomes early in the morning I would I would bet he's barrel every okay. No one else has told you about it because I'd just assume that I'm only dealt with it malaria in the military Emmitt you know like my. And how do you know the white truck is news you said there's a white truck are. Because it parked there it has to be his because he's got you look at how all leading theory be equipped. Right out of cash that same light truck that parked in the same spot right there is a couple spot up from Buckhead theatre. And Don and then he's he's a lethal round. Legal and won't he doesn't have any signs out there and rightly so you know not wearing any not boot camp or it is him. One person. Hit him he wouldn't do. Rihanna really really fast. It is very fascinating that's why I was like I don't need that let you can't know I worry about and yet I pulled up. Coastal not to let you know like the second or third car backpacking gear to get it or. So I think easiest thing is like maybe somebody now who knows Cameron knows his story. Wall call us now after hearing you on the radio but if they don't. The easiest thing to do is justice and JP down that yeah of course I'd like tomorrow morning and just have him. Will walk into the park emulate and give them JP from. Remove our right for one and I and we're just curious what what you do it here maybe he needs a workout partner activity give his fitness I'm. Are now I think you'll meet on a minute that didn't learn more about billions and lets it still an elective motivation purple and out there. I'm none of equipment and getting him to work out on. Coroner. Well thank you for bringing it to your attention Don we will get on this case I immediately yes we will get an eight or you we will find out. Okay and grant hungry I'm very happy or thanks for your family and they bring in my area so that's great minds prayer works thank you take take care. Like mine and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta.