Wednesday, December 7th


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She's running. Health and all over it yeah. Justin and shell on stealing people blind. Let's give it that you shoot a dog real quick nuggets get a beer out on the shelf and you plan. How often show works. Well you're out comes down from north ball every year some time after Thanksgiving out. And keeps an eye on you reports back to Santa every night returns from north Paul got some elves are just sweet nice I'm Armand CVS and Evernote with a personality Al is. But he can't touch your health because the novel and it's two months ago. And laughter that you're behaving. You watch the culture of. And told me team. Just let Chris saying it's okay. You need. If that's the rule of Santa contest elves and humans cannot no outs then and now so you don't want them to. Have their magic disappear right. Our RLs name is Doug. And he is going to be hanging out with us here at 41 keeping and I. I see that he's in my. Well okay he can't meet in the studio. And tell. So but god. He's is going to be keeping an eye and now I'm glad he's in your office is you're the one who needs that most keeping a nine and he's come he has a request. His meteoric way okay all star 941. Especially. RE four when listeners hanging out with his. Can I. I'm. Thanks also told yeah. People can. Our Christmas album does that we'd like you to tape. A picture we've your Al would be careful not to touch it. And posted their base. And it's not a self isn't healthy it did help me I. Doug I want you this. But once you it's a oh please we do your Christmas. And share them with us because then he won't feel lonely. People can. Since you beat your head on they were sorry. We'll start a gallery on FaceBook and I took it and now he would. So it's taking. These are adults seeking help if anybody can make it healthy if you have an outfit isn't here how's it feel free to think of victory. And then tonight and send it to us in that way Doug won't be lonely but a whole gallery. Where it doesn't feel like quarter when the emigrants. Your son when you get to work and it's consultants in a row every hour on starting before blind.