Leaving the Baby Home Alone Calls Part 2

Thursday, June 9th


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The Japanese didn't show you show Vizio. Conversation at 4047. So you hold all. Imus allergist is a phone calls we get to listen and I'm renting them rapid fire and they just going to be people trying to talk you about it there's going to be people line. Team Danielle and I'd I don't want you to feel bashed but I do kind of like if you. Well she's he's he convince them otherwise and remembered coming up at 8 o'clock because Graham tickets. Went before you can even buy him Europe first talked to Michelle why should never. End. This makes for awkward and unmanageable debt I had that mark back almanac and under what is more important that. They eat your idol. Adaptable and that they should be an extension their ears so if you put your it's child endangered. I mean that should be on a personal libel you know. You're in danger. Can does that change your argument at all if the restaurant they went to and crab legs. It. Not joking matter jacked. Bring in Gaza and telco commencement shall never to do this again. I don't think I have one note and and I. Our VIP. So even put an eye toward. How they Gerald this break. I know I don't. Well. Even. It. I. Hey missy in Alpharetta looks up. And messy talk write to Michelle. There are other. Yeah. And this is just an elaborate ruse to get free childcare. The patients pay. Some. Hey Barbara in Kennesaw. You absolutely aggregate and I don't end. In our Danielle block debate partner. Yeah. I think it's past time I don't know it's like it's anymore Michelle where it is standard and your friend right now. We don't talk about not allowing. It. And eat anything that we sedate him antsy maybe that's in the plan. I don't think probably. Well. So many different comments online Lisa says everyone was unraveling about the neglect full parenting at the zoo but this is no different if not worse and my opinion. Just Taylor actually sent us some guidelines said that Georgia's guidelines for leaving a child without an adult. Says there is no law that they recommend children under eight years old should never be left alone even for short periods of time. To link between the ages of nine and twelve basal level maturity can be left home alone for brief periods of time so mission you've got about nine years. Depending on maturity of your child and then they take charge of thirteen and older can generally be left as babysitters. With the exception children in Foster care. So he he posted as kindly as we can now we can chairman everybody online T mean it's just. There's just too much risk involves. Just don't want anything scary to happen here most precious thing in the world your gravy. I mean you could just has been down to that restaurant to get the food to bring it home in and you gain. You know. And be at home so we do we romantic candle it executes and it really elaborate I airliner something at light candles have a nice time it's just him it's a big night. You know it's sad thank you for sharing service themselves. Well thank you god for hearing me. You know and say wait a new. Idea winners like Daniels licences pumping. You know it's horrifying about that too adult wrote that hates. And if you could not. And Jenny Jones reduce the.