Leaving the Baby Home Alone Calls Part 1

Thursday, June 9th


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I love rejoices in the morning. We appreciate that. Starry night before one. Michelle told us that there's a great restaurant just two minutes from her house. And she has some Wi-Fi enabled. Baby monitor. And is able to go to that restaurant while watching her nine month old baby sleep she and her husband needed to date it's. And her friends is losing her mind. Things so is everybody else goes. Not everybody can really let's talk to lead efforts to promptly issued your first colony leader. Well if I ask. And I'm on the right the key pay for. Ate meat and. Now these are paying the babysitters just found. That you're not getting paid it the correct. It'd frame and I. And another everybody yeah it's definitely. Well actually not not everybody hey Michelle. Okay now you've heard it like. 90%. Of the calls. Coming in saying that you don't ever do this again and some people are even suggesting. That it could be legally could be putting your relationship with your child in danger right. That your. Late night an investigation could take place in the can investigate your home and the government could tell you never. Say oh. I don't want to encourage you. But there are. Some people. Like Suzanne and gains. Who don't totally. A Cezanne. Today. Really. OK okay so I'm tied in with you because I'm sure without having been out with your husband and nine iron. I'm sure you want them I'm let me get angry and putting has a priority. I'd say I'm sorry that it. Come here to you you and your best friend. I should maybe taking a little out of control I don't think you should necessarily do it and I totally empathize this year it probably illegally yet. I understand. Why a night out. Check and I'm sorry that he's just taking out. There's you know your kids agree that are gonna grow up and you're gonna get babysitters and it's gonna happen and we need to date and a nanny needed. Keep the marriage is the focus all that stuff but it cannot be at the risk if you're can't. I did meet a woman once I'm told me that. She's single mom on she was trying to get healthy get in shape and when her babies and that she would go for round wo. And I remember being shocked why she's like I say neighborhood development on my street whatever but she'll go for resting on her babies can. That almost makes me more way more nervous. And then the rest and I because even though with the rest right farther away two things one there's two of and to you know I can twist your ankle break late in the bank are attacked by a dog. If you're running up and and the street there's a thousand things and it could happen the issue. And nobody would know your baby was exactly. Where's at least if you're at that restaurant. In some Manhattan one have you the other ones. Now. I. I'm lesser of you even right I'm just saying. Amory and the America. Idea how do you feel about this. I. When her. I would do it again by cracking down the and I don't mean a thing in the she had a lot I see it they Ian Elliott. They are not AB is occur turn number one and eat out. Naked she has the mayor David Farrell go grab the baby picture of her and make it. Cuts are all he's done it rained on so many different ways though why is why there were a burglary. At their. That's it you're not greener what are some things happened what acquires start. I mean what it I lock out the door and as someone can give me what it. You know I'm on my Cuellar in tractor trailer hit me. There. Let's look at fire scenario let's say if an electrical fire starts that your mom you're down a restaurant the restaurant have a date night out. On your baby is it on and you don't make it back in the two minutes it takes to get back to your house do you ever forgive yourself no problem in jail. That it tree so it worth. It. And I want her to. At what they were thinking Atlantic. Now it few minutes now honorary that we see her and you know if you like your eye on what you're ever gonna walk for the poor. Can you don't. Gen I wait I like rest like that risk assessment let's think about it there. I understand the need to get out. So get a baby sitter called Gramm. Get a friend of yours to get this over your house for a couple of hours early on in the restaurant. You know and you can't afford to babysit or get an adult friend in your life to be there you can't take esque. Initial at this point you can probably eight and babies that. Are. Generally you know imagine this area. Imagine. Makes my heart not just for your baby. And Michelle you imagine this as well. OK imagine this in your eyes and K. Let's just he would now that it's a parallel universe. You guys are our guy at that. Rate on the road. To Munich are. It's. Yours to be monitoring table. And and your. Your your barbecued chickens so good news outlets and smoke. It's me for what. Michelle what are you know. Why are a lot of light hearted so often now and in. There aren't fired on the way because we have a home alarm. Fire instead she does a we have gone above on main character out of I don't see call. I think it would be different out there and how bitterly about walked out the back art is saying equivalent to me. My past that hit conversation has already continuing on FaceBook I mean. Justin just wrote and he's firefighter. And talks about them a flash fire can take over your house within 35 minutes I mean people are passionate about this that we can keep that phone calls go. And blow up what we're gonna do next week and keep the discussion going basement flat. This is so scary. All right Michelle is a bit the last im gonna say and then I think it is. We may we might this miner to be revisited so OK just hold on okay Michelle. All right here's the only thing analysts say Japanese one it was that she thought about the fighter tracks coming if your a fireman. And you go to how's that there's no adults present. Right you'd bank that aura that nobody there. Like you don't think Odom checked to see if there's a baby in there true because that most people think that. That's true identity debated the restaurant. We if you have to you know how good restaurants so bad and keep picking up late in its Edmonton once and now they sleep anymore. Next up on the jet's engine and Shia. Man. And my adrenaline pumping really terribly hit. I just part of me wants to hit as part of yet and it because not a party wants to keep it around there's so many phone calls. Army would agree with what it with the outcome. I. We might Tucker out of it if we take a couple more calls. Man on ideology that we need to save a kid's life if we convince him not to do it again. And Michelle are you thinking about doing this again Mary you have. The where where are you saying. While doing. When. They're on all I and I. That's the angle. Rapid fire calls for 0474. Lines 9400. Talk Michelle out of ever doing this again. And yeah shall we go.