Lauren's Flower Plan for Friend's Husband

Friday, July 29th


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One. Did you appreciation well today will be our fourth update from our listener lowering and lowering his bridesmaid in her friend's wedding. Then found out on a girls weekend that the wedding is gone. And meritless and marriage on the arc and they were just riding it out to the kids went off to college and and plate he was in the Laurie Garrett. I sit up for you and your wedding and save this. And if she went to the husband. And said you aren't at work together savior when I do not tell your wife and he was into it. So husband and Lori and are acting as a team saint Lawrence friends married. I love this she's given in some recon on what her friend is saying she's missing in the marriage. And then he's been working on it so the first and only week. You got them to go out on the date and we heard the dates started to get that didn't end well. And then where do we leave it laughs what we gonna do next. Well. I had. Hit me they kind. Now. He's getting and how are. How did the cat. Now and I get. You really end. Of day packed weekend. And the heart is in every day to let that brand and most beautiful woman I ever met and that. And I said lately it's been over here gave her hours treatment at Hartford every Nadal Ohio. I think it. You know I mean I'm worried she's an I think he's cheating something at the big thing to enact. He may mean after that he may oh happy day I'm trying I'm really hope he got. He's. Hole. Yeah he doesn't have you. Yet well if it's working. Here's the deal if it's working he never has the saves you. If it goes sideways and it's not working and he can throw you under the bus a little bit and it ends. That may work as well beef is you are trying to save you know I'm sane. Yeah act but he an inept now. You know. It felt that look at that she met last met. Says flowers will be delivered tomorrow. Ends. The card which again what's the cards say again. My ad that ran and that beautiful woman I ever met and let that etiquette. And well. And he did the card on his owners that he. Now that in about me and I guess race car number I. I didn't mean her hand and act. Let's let's have a conversation on Monday and see the flowers. Were received concealed their recent batter in the Pennsylvania town thinks. I thank you aren't. Won't. H and show. Star in 941.