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Friday, September 9th


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All right Mike share that conversation continues league championship on face plus search stalking you or want able. We've got to resolve a debate going nine in the boring I'll be household. Priorities James older daughter and she's going to be the star of this comes. She is a princess had. And I think it happens at about age three I think they've become Disney princess had ancestor right totally obsessed aerial is her favor rabbit she's a big tee on up. And they want and oh yeah. Hopefully this thing. If she's going to school right now on the cars just parked out how many times. A week will you watch that news over and over and over again and then frozen is on definitely yeah. I guarantee any parent who has a young daughter has got all those songs memorized from prison he she got into the originals. Oh. Yeah she's not really with error no this is my husband he hates the princess it drives and raise the key. He's like I don't care she wants to be doctor ditch digger don't wanted to grow to wanna be a princess. I am not that are rite of passage and if so and it surely think it's just a. Phase I'm fine with it but she was playing with a friend down the street who is a little bit older than her so art history. This neighbor on the street is four and her friend and her four girlfriend. Has high heels as a part of her and that's. The moon and so and her he has learned CO. Walking in Nam so they were putting on the princess dresses that playing dress up together and walking around so long battle out and different animal out it. And then she won it with issues and to see it there year olds and a lot. Unease and cutest thing ever. But my husband was horrified hide. Yeah I think no way. That thing is that heard growing up in wearing. High yields worries that the princess. I think it's all of it all together. He just can't stand the whole thing drives him absolutely no and I truly think he's gonna lose it if she wants to your parents that's for Halloween. She princess. She was aerial last year and I'm just expecting. He has enough. I live. I have 404741. At 9400. Would love your feedback if you have been through this with your daughters. So you're you it's it's either. I team team Jan which is they time grant. Yeah save. So you want me and it far and higher they'd be fine or will it be send them more significant to you guys shoot it in about. And she I'll star.