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Friday, September 9th


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I'm getting to the week. Boy that stopped play screen that's its key to the weekend faster than Justin yeah. Or one so fast enough. Did is Jen. But it is from grant. He's not the only dad. Who hates. Princess daughters princess feed her exit ramp it welcome to the jet engine engine Jody. I. Yeah I do and I ate barely hi my daughter's twelve and links you at that age she started dating and that. And that's I think and I emailed my husband react dizzy. And ray you're right he didn't pay more then battling and even now aged well Rick Grimes yet how that might. Keep telling you I don't hear I'll hear it yeah. Well yeah and that made it very ordinary starting back. Yeah that may not seem like little babies then they're back at what you're gonna Eric at the way. Thing is that dads just need them. Yeah it's not just a phase is the dads have to change hey Chris C pacer Allan jet engines out. Hey they're warning. Them Lauren. What. We are great so did your daughter princess beaver. All right guys yeah and actually they're. Are they couldn't take it I'd I'd. Put. And like talking about luck played a part of it out there I don't like it laid out though. I was either. Need the plane may not. He leaked online. No not sound like that you know he's. Yeah. You know it felt a sobbing. And talk about how lonely out I think our. Girls you know. It and it's and I don't think it's that big of deal I think it's a case you must play with fingernail polish and make then. I jewelry and high heels and all that kind of stuff but he hates it. Is that concern they speak is yours in in my world it's nice little girl in a princess of pages get from. I feel like yeah it whenever whenever I'm whenever you tied the actors. Yeah few all the content in the every. That I think that the little boy and a three or for Earl buoyancy. This. Click here. It's my ovaries all worked up to and hey Alina thanks to found this out. Being married and we are again that I can't wait that. That you want to make a pilot and I and I think I watched that. Wrote lol. I look. Back. And all the way. Okay. Data get over how old is your princess. Carry the Marie what's your princess's name. Princess Genesis so Q. I write. Some software and fifth backpack. Hey Stephanie thanks Alan. Morning. Stephanie has the way to. Dick grant to join team prints OK okay. I think I did the hopes and I am AT&T I'm working my way to being a paramedic. And did you have between me and I enjoy it also fired by error is that we are anti concept that. And kind of instrument that you may lead to believe it you are you saying and that I can be powerful and strong. But he treated it like that little girl sleeps late night so all red and stretch matched our panel that. But you can see how well they split the same time that he can get on board with built in he doesn't. Have to stop that and that's my dad's side and I'm all right I know you know. She can she granite he or she can you can edit yeah I would if you are a joke and make it close there. I. Don't. You can now I'm not we if I always on my thumb. I'd I don't want the person who's. Not. Yeah. Yeah. My favorite this is gonna it. Go ahead. And at age. Is when your when your reasoning that as a little girl is you made sure she understands that that great and that. That feminine quality in the creek Disney princess there was. The corner of the Moody's and that's how powerful are they I don't think that there are comment and then be able to stand up to and even though so it's actually. Right well wait a little girl you can be a trend they expect it doesn't happen out there what kind of person are you. We're all done. Women some you can do and how many saying and and you know look they're human and be grateful they. I love that Stephanie I love what you said powerful graceful at the same time an awesome and I think we should also I mean it grant says he needs to to remember that there are good you know it's not all about like chase and a man and all that stuff like. Remember the beginning of Cinderella. When she was cleaning the castle which is taking care of people when she was doing the things that a woman should do that there's lessons there to be. To meet an anemic and in this I am not. Not. My big thing. Like mine and share that conversation. And continues league championship on FaceBook. Surge starring 941 Atlanta.