Ladies Who Test Thier Husbands 2

Tuesday, August 30th


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Star in 941. I can I hate to save these calls are so great. We secretly test our men and and it lucky ladies for confessing if you are listening literally. Three minutes ago woman said that while she was dating her now husband. She send him thanks secret admirer of. Flowers. It descended from a someone from your pass and season she wanted to see for husband or soon to be husband would call and tell her that he got the. How would a guy any and he just session and he wore it because. I don't know maybe I'm just down but I wouldn't think Ed I've weird. And I think I wouldn't Al because your honest. He wanted to a couple of and he did well we're coming your way and when Netanyahu was before me. Aaron in Atlanta allergy test your husband. Before we got married I actually. Told him he should invite his ex. Q are letting. Who studies say. He knows thank you. That's saying it again did not know it okay you can biter I'm OK with it he's like no really we don't need to do that. Got. We're married now. That whole thing was an average husband test how terrible and betterment of what went wrong he's. Party in attendance rooms meant. I'm Nicole in May in Georgia and eight acts are man. Back in their ear and here again at LA they say are you. Do you think. There should I get out of it can't bet that I. He would I don't picketing at. It and now. Wish I eat badly did not. Lists are rich even know Whitney. You why I'm sorry at at alt delete an out route back out then they. I am IR and Marianne and I think. That we. I they like it like it very very about it and Nevada later to tie it at all in. Either by. The good out there I'll find out what. This really the yeah yeah he cat that at. Yeah that I mean role. It. Thanks for Colin. It. It's ridiculous and wow I actually don't let me call I need you all of them myself on the fifth. And yet you like you love today in August of intentional I know all right. And expect to keep talking about it we owe you thanks year. We'll explain. Why we are so excited and so happy to be a part of the star Manny for one. Family lighting ad campaign news yesterday. And we have him you'd think the life they go about it next. Czar not before one that.